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The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President

brumfield Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:11 PM
This is the administration that allows, and defends a jihadist to be an aide to our treasonous Secretary of State?
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:33 PM
This is the same administration that took recognizing the signs of Islamic terror out of the training manuals of the FBI and military.
Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:18 PM
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Got any?
goldilocks Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:25 PM
Some don't need any proff.
spartacus3344 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:33 PM
Probably referring to this:
Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:36 PM
Oh. That explains his confusion. He read somethign on World Nut Daily and believed it. Not too bright.
Ken6226 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:47 PM
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."

Unless the extraordinary accusations are being leveled at a conservative. Then we're always supposed to accept them without question.
Hockey Mom Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 1:48 PM
Is that as opposed to seeing something on PMSNBC and believing it Jack?
Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 2:05 PM
Well, lets agree then that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, no matter who makes them. OK?

Good. What is the claim at hand? That Hillary CLinton's aide is a traitor. Rather extraordinary, I think. SO you agree that he needs to provide proof?
Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 2:06 PM
I don't know. I generally do not take anything at face value and require evidence no matter who makes the claim. SO I don't pay any attention to AL Sharpton or Chris Matthews. Rachel Maddow is different: she provides excellent support for her claims.
Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 2:32 PM
ANythign you can com eup with. Remember, must be extraordinary proof.
dan17 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 2:33 PM
Are the left the only ones allowed to indulge in hyperbole? While she may not be a jihadist, her parents were and are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. One would suppose that it would automatically disqualify someone from a job involving top secret information regarding national security.
Jack2894 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 2:58 PM
If I thought the right wing wackos were engaging in hyperbole, I would be less concerned. However, I have inter-acted with hundreds of them and I assure you they are not engaging in hyperbole.
dan17 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 3:04 PM
In the case of this posting, the poster apparently was. What about MY point?
Mokki Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 3:05 PM
One would think so. So I don't think the claims in this case are extraordinary. No one is claiming that she is a jihadist ... just that, because of the inclinations of her relatives, she probably shouldn't be so close to the US Secretary of State and have access to top information regarding national security.
Reginald10 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 3:15 PM
Like Caesar's wife, high government officials must be above suspicion.
Especially entanglements with those who have declared war on us.
dan17 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 3:22 PM
And the fact that she is a Muslim does not excuse her from the vetting process. In fact it should raise a red flag!
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:34 PM
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:35 PM
When a conservative is being accused, it's not the evidence that maters. It's the "seriousness of the charges."
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:36 PM
That fool thinks that the economy is a zero sum game.
traitorbill Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:37 PM
Then again Obama and Clinton wouldn't even be able to get a security clearance not to long ago.
curmudgeon10 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 3:49 PM
it isnt an extraordinary claim
Egypt's terror-coddling President Mohamed Morsi has repeated his arrogant demand that America free convicted 1993 World Trade Center mastermind Omar Abdel-Rahman. I'd like to report that President Obama repeated his unequivocal rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood leader's entreaties. But as of this writing, no such public statement or restatement yet exists.

That's right. Obama has kept mum about Morsi's vociferous lobbying on behalf of Abdel-Rahman, the "blind sheik," who is serving a life sentence at a maximum-security prison in North Carolina for seditious jihad conspiracy. The commander in chief's silence speaks volumes.

Morsi started publicly haranguing the U.S. to have mercy on the...