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Let's not get too excited about this participation of other nations. Most of the "participation" was to give US elements authorization to overfly their territory with tomahawks or aircraft. The only air force that may have flown alongside was probably from the UAE. All the rest is just normal lawyer-speak from the administration.
Every Democrat should be taxed a $500.00 immigrant fee, no matter what his/her income. Then let's see how happy they are about this amnesty.
I say EVERY member of this Administration should have their pay docked by 50% to support these illegal immigrants. They want to let them come, they can pay for them!
When the next American is kidnapped we should get a better deal: Empty the rest of Gitmo AND send all of the Federal prison populations to Qatar also. We save millions of dollars and , like Cuba did in the 70's, get rid of out worst social problems!
Carney should be replaced by a female, unisex drone painted in SEIU colors with the mottoes emblazoned upon its sides "YES I CAN" and "THE BUCK STOPS THERE!" The new PresSec will spout the same tired replies that have spewed forth over the past five years at a bargain price.
My 2014 medical problem: I had a needle biopsy done ay primary care doctor's office. I was not aware that the biopsy team was home based in another city so I had to pay out of network deductible $5,000 & in network $2,000. That's a prohibitive increase in healthcare. No more biopsies for me, I would rather have food.
The VA system is small compared to the "single payer system" that Progressives want to inflict on common Americans. It will be VA on steroids! Their motto will be "Hurry up and die!"
POTUS to Russian president, "I'll have a lot more flexibility after my re-election."
Ukraine's fugitive president, Viktor Yanukovych blames Western news media outlets like Fox News for all of the chaos and mayhem that have afflicted his (former) country, Ukraine, in recent weeks. Back in the US capitol, Democratic representative after representative went to the floor to read prepared statements yesterday blaming Fox News for all of the dissatisfaction in the US focusing on the ACA, non-existant administration scandals and negative feelings about the economy. The same TALKING POINTS were espoused earlier this week, again, by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. It's nice to see that Progressive politicians across the world are now able to coordinate their propaganda.
Another viewpoint: This may work to America's ultimate benefit. If we renounce our debt, we will lose our international standing and, once again, become a second (third?) world country. There will be much suffering with many vulnerable folks expiring from starvation, disease and crime as happened in the "old West". But the country could rebuild itself in perhaps a century. Then we would have a government bound once again to our constitution and progressives will be less welcome than Adolf Hitler. Citizens will once again be patriots who appreciate the values of their heritage.
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