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Remember - you can hire them but you can't fire them EVER.
Please note that it was a Democratic president (Johnson) and congress that took the Social Security money and used it to pay for the Vietnam war. They made war and indebted the rest of us for life.
Do they make David Clarke action figures? I want a collection.
During the inauguration in 2009, I had great hopes that America had entered the age of Star Trek in the arena of race relations. What a fool I was to believe in hope and change from the foggy bottom swamp dwellers!!
The Manchurian Candidate
Let's not get too excited about this participation of other nations. Most of the "participation" was to give US elements authorization to overfly their territory with tomahawks or aircraft. The only air force that may have flown alongside was probably from the UAE. All the rest is just normal lawyer-speak from the administration.
Every Democrat should be taxed a $500.00 immigrant fee, no matter what his/her income. Then let's see how happy they are about this amnesty.
I say EVERY member of this Administration should have their pay docked by 50% to support these illegal immigrants. They want to let them come, they can pay for them!
When the next American is kidnapped we should get a better deal: Empty the rest of Gitmo AND send all of the Federal prison populations to Qatar also. We save millions of dollars and , like Cuba did in the 70's, get rid of out worst social problems!
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