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Do You Want Revenge Against America or Loving Restoration?

Bruceybaby Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 11:41 PM
Well, David, you and brother certainly suck a$$ as commentators. On the bright side, now you get four more years to spew bile against the President. What a couple of losers.

Mitt Romney was very wise to pivot on Barack Obama's impromptu statement that "voting is the best revenge" and frame the campaign in the final days as a choice between that negative message and Romney's "love of country."

I wouldn't say that if I thought Obama's statement was merely a slip of the tongue. Rather, I believe that in another unscripted moment, he once again revealed who he really is and the essence of his mindset.

When his soul mate and spouse said that her husband's ascendancy was the first time she'd been proud of America in her adult...