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Fire Reid, for starters.....Then Eric Holder.....Then the whole gang. I agree with a comment below that this is a good sign: some Republicans are showing cleverness and the ability to fight. We need a lot more of that.
Joan Rivers said some interesting things about the White House. Why have we no journalists who investigate these things? This is how it used to be done: "Mrs. Obama, Joan Rivers said X. What do you have to say about X?"
It's Obama's race to the bottom that I don't like.
Come on, Jonah, tell it like it is. In his own mind, Obama is first, and everything else is ninth. He possesses industrial-strength narcissism. If you oppose him with wise and witty comments, he will not notice that you have been born. QED: in general, I wish our smart sophisticated brainy people would do more than discuss. That's why I appreciate Sarah Palin. A week or so ago Joan Rivers, in 23 words (go ahead, count 'em), did more to save the country than anything else I've seen. (Jonah, you are the perfect person to explain why that is true.) ------------ Gay president? "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down," she said. "You know Michelle is a trans." When asked to further explain Rivers said, "A transgender. We all know it." THE END
President Obama should go down to the border and tell the kids to stop coming and the ones already here have to go back. Then he should apologize to the country for causing this mess.
Okay, I say this nonsense on the southern border is the stupidest thing that Obama has done (and perhaps the stupidest thing that any American president has done). What are the other contenders for the Stupid Prize? Apparently Obama and his gang think that the American public is so brain-dead that any stunt can be pulled off. I hope the American public will prove them wrong.
And Obama rang up these poll numbers with an adoring press covering up his every mistake. I've been saying this for a couple years: if the press told the truth for a week, Obama will be long gone.
This has been a dreadful story for decades. Here is a part of the story you didn't mention. The military itself does a VERY poor job of putting pressure on the public schools to improve. That's what needs to change. At present it's almost as if our military is in cahoots with our ne'er-do-well Education Establishment. I've seen editorials in the local paper where some retired general pontificates on the subject, but the bottom line is they don't do a damn thing. Maybe they are intimidated by all those professors with PhD's. There is a group called Mission Readiness, where all the members are retired admirals and generals. People like that should be able to make a big difference. But instead they announced that their goal is better nutrition in kindergarten. This is silly. The Pentagon, Mission Readiness, and related groups should prepare their own standards of what children should be doing and what they should know in each grade. Simple, easy-to-understand benchmarks, that's what parents need. In this way, our military people could counter the useless Common Core Standards. As a patriot, a former member of the military, and an education consultant, I am ready and able to help our military leaders kick some Education Establishment butt. @educatt .
He encouraged the kids to come over and now he wants to spend 2 billion we don't have on a problem he created??? There is something missing here. More people need to stand up and say: Mr. President, have you lost your mind? You engineered this entire situation from the beginning, more than six months ago. Why? You thought it was a cool dirty trick. You wanted to take the world's attention off the weird Iraq policy, the one where you seem to be helping the Muslim Brotherhood? You want to create more Democrat voters after you're out of office. You read that all the crazy Roman emperors did crazy things, so why shouldn't you? Townhall, are you people doing your job? Have you explained so that everyone can understand why the birth certificate is a fake? Have you explained, for example, why if the authorities in Newtown, Conn, can't show 600 people coming out of that school, then the official story is a lie? Etc. We don't need any more genteel hand-wringing. Try to tell with total cold precision what the exact truth is about everything. That's what we need. More exactly, that's what we're dying for the lack of. @educatt
This report is too balanced. The RINOs won a round because the Republicans played dirty tricks. I'll always think of the Barbour name as spelled BSer. Cochran should drop out. He's too old. He's not healthy. He won't finish his term. Unless there is some compelling reason why McDaniel can't win, he should be supported.
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Obama Is Not Finished

Bruce Deitrick Price Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 12:59 PM
Obama would be finished if conservative leaders would take turns telling the truth about him. One week, discuss why the birth certificate on the Internet is fake. Then, discuss why the preponderance of evidence says he's from Kenya. Next week somebody else can discuss why he's not a natural born citizen but he has to be. The next week, others can discuss how the Obama gang stole the nomination from Hillary and thus his nomination was illegal. The week after that you can go back to the birth certificate, and then you can discuss his sex life, frankly, and why is he so skinny despite having 24-hour chefs preparing fine food for him? And what about those records that Trump was willing to pay $5 million to see? The point is, Obama has always been a man walking on water. An emperor with no clothes. Nobody wants to point it out. Now we have moved into another area of vulnerability, because he's committing so many felonies and telling so many lies. Conservative leaders should take turns explaining these things to the public. There is another area of vulnerability, as several of the massacres are not as they have been presented, Can you imagine the implications of Sandy Hook being a staged event? Well many smart people think it was. (I just did an "Interview with Professor Emeritus James Fetzer, Conspiracy Analyst." )
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