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America: The Ostrich Years

Bruce Deitrick Price Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 3:32 PM
I'm not so sure about this analysis. Obama may know exactly what he is doing, i.e., trying to help his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. The ostrich in this cartoon is us. There are 10 things that should take Obama out of play and out of office. But we ignore them. There is a day or a week of bad press and then everything fades to silence. Just yesterday I was musing over the fact that a guy with an exotic foreign name wants to run for president but doesn't bother to have a birth certificate (2007). Even several years later all he's got is an obviously forged computer printout of some kind. So his czars go back to work and come up with a real birth certificate – because Trump is putting a lot of pressure on him – but all the digital experts say it also is an obvious forgery. So he's never been president. So who's the ostrich???
If something weird, quasi-illegal, and helpful to Obama happens, assume he ordered it. You'll be right more often than not. I assume these riots in Missouri have been allowed to fester for so long because Obama wants in that way. There is no excuse for allowing so much destruction of property, not after the first few days. So I suspect Obama feels that all of this violence will arouse his base. Ergo, keep the violence going. David Horowitz takes a look at the inside of Pres. Obama's psyche. Scary.
Not just English but Standard English. It needs to be taught clearly and correctly. None of this descriptive-only nonsense. Later the kids can mangle the language if they want. But in the beginning they are entitled to know what the best educated, most successful people are doing. (I just reviewed Weird Al's very entertaining Word Crimes and some of the background issues, all of which connect nicely to the Texas story: ) .
And so we have to ask the question, who is still supporting Obama? We can understand that black Americans, gay Americans, and quasi-Commie Americans would like this guy. We can understand that people who think welfare is a career option would like this guy. But I'll bet that's not even 20 or 25%. So how do the polls keep showing 40% approval? Do they skewer the sample so it consists entirely of Democrats? Are they using every trick in the book to keep the percentage above 39? Let's get some honest polls. How many think the country would be better off if Obama had never been elected? How many think he hasn't presented a real birth certificate? How many think he's gay? how many think he's Muslim? We're surrounded by lies and staged events. It's more important than ever to get the facts out.
I wish Townhall would explain that when only 7% of Americans approve Congress, or whatever the number is, this is not the same as saying that only 30% approve Obama, or whatever that number is. The 90% who disapprove of Congress are split into two hugely different groups. And the biggest group is people mad at Congress because they're not controlling Obama. So that 7% number tells more about how many people are angry at Obama than anything else. People want him reined in and Congress doesn't seem to know how to do it.
That white flag on the Brooklyn Bridge.... Is that meant to symbolize Obama's America? I think he would be comfortable with that.
Fire Reid, for starters.....Then Eric Holder.....Then the whole gang. I agree with a comment below that this is a good sign: some Republicans are showing cleverness and the ability to fight. We need a lot more of that.
Joan Rivers said some interesting things about the White House. Why have we no journalists who investigate these things? This is how it used to be done: "Mrs. Obama, Joan Rivers said X. What do you have to say about X?"
It's Obama's race to the bottom that I don't like.
Come on, Jonah, tell it like it is. In his own mind, Obama is first, and everything else is ninth. He possesses industrial-strength narcissism. If you oppose him with wise and witty comments, he will not notice that you have been born. QED: in general, I wish our smart sophisticated brainy people would do more than discuss. That's why I appreciate Sarah Palin. A week or so ago Joan Rivers, in 23 words (go ahead, count 'em), did more to save the country than anything else I've seen. (Jonah, you are the perfect person to explain why that is true.) ------------ Gay president? "We already have it with Obama, so let's just calm down," she said. "You know Michelle is a trans." When asked to further explain Rivers said, "A transgender. We all know it." THE END
President Obama should go down to the border and tell the kids to stop coming and the ones already here have to go back. Then he should apologize to the country for causing this mess.
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