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Obama seems to want to perpetuate the riots.... so I say let's give him full credit. They are now officially the Obama Riots of 2014. That stupid governor was just a bit player in this production. The media did its usual job of writing rave reviews for Obama. But the staying power of this production, the real gusto, comes from Pres. Obama. He might as well have gone down there and lit a fuse.
You almost have to admire Obama's bold descent into insanity. It has a fine theatrical quality. Knowing he is in trouble and losing his grip, he doubles down. There is actually a betting strategy that resembles this. If you lose 1 million, bet 2 million, if you lose that, bet 4 million, if you lose that, bet 8 million. At some point you win and you're right back where you were.
If there's any further violence, give Holder the credit he deserves. For me, his conduct with regard to Ferguson is just another reason why he should have been impeached.
Let's keep our perspective. This amnesty thing must be stopped, but no more so than ObamaCare must be stopped, and Common Core must be stopped. The problem with Obama is his motives are always wrong. He wants more power. He wants to screw the country. He wants to punish the people. So everything he proposes is corrupted at birth. Let's dream big. Kill all of this stuff.
Obama says that if you like the country you have, you can keep the country you have... Why don't people trust him? Seriously, whatever Obama gets away with, he will do something else. He will never stop. He will never secure the border....So you have to draw the line here. All Republicans, etc. should simply declare that what he's doing is illegal, he can't do it, it has to be stopped, he will be stopped, etc. And then act on those statements. Furthermore, creating drama and crises is his best defense. People think Gruber is something worth talking about? Or the IRS? No, BHO will create three others so you don't remember anything from last week.
1) Just keep saying, "He can't do this… It's illegal… Two bit dictator…Living in a dream world..." 2) Lots of contempt, that's the main thing. 3) Get some tough guys in there. Put Trump in front of the camera.
Gruber is the new Bill Ayers, the best buddy who shall no longer be named. BTW, I noticed in the supermarket today that the National Enquirer (on the cover) loudly says the president pretended not to be gay so he could be elected. If Obama were a Republican president, he would be ripped to pieces over this topic. For one thing, more lying. Conservative media should at least start asking questions.
Also, I think he's very good at using one scandal to take people's minds off the other scandal. In other words, whenever he has a problem, he needs to find even more problems
And if not impeachment, then at least everyone (especially Republican leaders) should immediately pull out all the stops that for some reason protect Obama from an open discussion of his missing papers, his secret life, and his endless lies (which have been chronicled on
I was already in favor of impeachment.
Commies lie. Start there and everything makes sense.
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