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Dr. Williams is 100% correct but possibly too kind. Our Education Establishment is an evil cult composed of people who, when with their friends, probably describe themselves as socialists, communists Marxists, etc. They are dumbing down the public schools as a way of attacking the country. What to do? First step, it's only prudent to start feeling contempt for people who feel contempt for you. Ridicule and attack the Education Establishment any time you get a chance. Second, try on every occasion to eliminate their favorite theories and methods, that is, all the junk they have put into the public schools because they know it doesn't work (whole word, constructivism, reform math, common core, everything).
Of course they were destroyed by Obama's people, acting on his orders. The public understands this and accept this. Even the 24% who say they don't believe it was intentional are lying; they naturally want to protect their guy. This issue should be pushed, and pushed some more, and the president should be accused of being a felon-- as Mark Levin did so well!
And as usual, the big question is: did he do this on purpose or because he's clueless?
Destroying evidence is such a nice clear-cut crime. I think the average guy in the street understands it completely I think low-info voters understand it completely. You shoot somebody with a gun. You throw the gun in the river or into a furnace, so they can't find your fingerprints on the gun. Easy. It's what any criminal enterprise would do.
My work in education suggests to me that the same thuggery you see somewhat more obviously in politics also runs wild in our public schools. The problem is stated simply: socialists believe they have all the right answers therefore they are entitled to lie. You see Obama lying all the time. But most people don't realize that our Education Establishment lies as hugely and as often. All of the above is the simplest way to explain why we have so many inferior methods in our schools: Whole Word, Constructivism, Reform Math. Common Core if they can get away with it, and virtually everything else. if Obama's mouth is moving he's probably lying. If the Education Establishment is telling you about some swell new idea, they're probably lying. @educatt
I certainly agree with you. Let's go to the next step. Lying to the country is not acceptable. Lying to Congress is not acceptable. This hack is there to help Congress do its job. Doesn't he have to tell the truth by law? So what is he now guilty of? Let's pursue this. Contempt charges. Indictments. Things won't get really good until people start going to jail.
Please explain the legal terms: obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, perjury, conspiracy, aiding and abetting...all the things that criminals have always done when they get in a bind.
His poll numbers fall even though our AAM ( Aiding and Abetting Media) slavishly devote their existences to telling us how wonderful he is. The remarkable thing is that most people in the country STILL don't know about some of his major vulnerabilities, because the Rove-wizards in the Republican Party have decided not to tell them. All the digital experts say Obama does not have a legitimate birth certificate on the White House website. That would seem to be something a president should have, don't you think? Obama will not show basic school records, even though Trump offered $5 million to charity, so we can assume there are lies and embarrassments. Oh, the list is so long. But it's worth mentioning that the Sandy Hook official story continues to disintegrate. A guy who was a school principal, Paul Preston, has just provided a long analysis of what we all saw on television that day: "And the first thing that caught my eye as I was watching everything play out was the lack of intensity with which people were moving and that really disturbed me. It hit me within the first few minutes, watching the video, the helicopters flying around and so on. Things just didn’t seem to be right, like I would always understand in an incident command system. People weren’t rushing around. People weren’t panicking..." ( He points out that when you have lots of bodies and blood, and huge potential danger as there may be more shooters and so on, there should have been a lot more chaos in front of that school. And instead it was like a day in the park. Almost as if people knew there wasn't really any danger or death.) Everybody should check out SH for themselves.)
Judge Jeanine immediately said, "We know how to deal with this. Obstruction of justice. Destruction of evidence. Perjury. Conspiracy...." RICO should put everybody in the White House in jail. As a practical matter, let's give a few lower people blanket immunity, and see what comes out. (Also, the whole idea that ObamaCare wants to make everything electronic, but they can't make anything electronic work, should scare the hell out of everybody.)
Pat Boone just published a remarkable call to action: "How many smoking guns do we need?"
But what to do about it? Everyone seems to agree that impeachment is too big a mountain. So what about resignation? If the majority of people in the country feel like John Ransom then they could continually bang the drums for resignation. Make it easy on the country. Mr. President. Do the right thing. Have you no shame? 10 reasons why the president should resign today, etc., etc. Individual politicians and VIPs should be asked to answer this question: do you think the president should resign? At some point, even Democrats will want to get out of this trap, and they will privately tell the president it's time to go.
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