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Seriously, my impression is that Obama's strategy is to oppose them softly so that none of them get hurt too much. Please, somebody prove me wrong.
RE: "Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions." I'm pleased, but very surprised, to see this formulation. About a year ago I came up with the same insight about our public education system, thus: "There is not one good idea in the public schools." At first I was nervous about my own audacity. But as I went back over it, I thought, no, this is correct, there aren't any good ideas. Our Education Establishment has systematically driven them out. Really, it's the simplest way to understand why the schools are so messed up. Everything operating there is a lie. @educatt
Please do more reports on "standing." I suspect there were more than 100 lawsuits dismissed because somebody did not have standing. For example, somebody's saying the president doesn't have a birth certificate and can't be president but a judge says you don't have standing, you're just an American, and you can't complain if your country is being stolen. Even leftists have to see the legal complexities here, and that we need to get control of this matter. in other words, in all of the lawsuits the merits were never discussed or adjudicated, just standing. But there is another tradition that says that every citizen, if they see a crime, must report the crime.
Ask him if he thinks Joe Biden is qualified to take over in case he has to resign?
I think we've had quite enough criticism of Sabrina Rubin Erdely. This woman embodies everything we expect from a professor of journalism. She is a perfect representative of journalism as practiced by hustlers at the New York Times. We don't expect these people to have principles or even basic integrity. Apparatchiks are above such bourgeois nonsense. It's not fair to criticize a mushroom because it's not an orchid.
Three weeks ago I wrote a somewhat snarky piece called "Gruber for President in 2016." I made the point that to be a Democrat candidate, you have to be a great liar (like Clinton and Obama). And this guy Gruber has the magic. People should start organizing now and sending in contributions. He's a shoo-in.
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Rolling Stone Crumbles

Bruce Deitrick Price Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 2:39 PM
Yes but there is good news: U Va is one of the great institutions in the country but liberals have succeeded in making it look stupid. Even nitwit liberals are standing around wondering, hey, did we really need to go this far? A great magazine is destroyed. The fraternity system is under attack for no good reason. And U Va is looking as dumb as Duke with their lacrosse scandal. Maybe we should start a gofundme campaign to help U Va find an intelligent leader.
"...just a cover for his failure in foreign and security policy." Also seriously consider another goal: keeping him out of jail. I've been tracking all the stories we hear about on the Internet and virtually every one of them seems to be true. His birth certificate IS a counterfeit. But does it even matter given that he was never a legal president because his father was a foreigner. And you can go through each of the scandals one by one, and you know he lied about ObamaCare, and he and his people lied about the IRS, and he and his people lied about Benghazi, and he and his people lied about Fast and Furious. Every one of these scandals has resulted in a cover up, which is an even bigger crime. Another big one might turn it to be Sandy Hook. I had the sense almost 2 years ago that this would be the signature scandal of Obama's years. Anyway, there's a new video called "We need to talk about Sandy Hook." Too long. But it patiently chronicles all the flaws with the official story. I think there are many conservatives who don't even realize that Sandy Hook can be a huge problem for Obama.
Question for Ann: should the governor be impeached for standing aside on Monday night and letting all that damage occur?
Anybody who wants to talk about impeachment ought to add Common Core to the list. This was an attempt by the federal government to take over the public schools of America. Every bit of it should be labeled illegal, totalitarian, and bad for education. Common Core would not have been possible without Obama's total involvement. The government basically bribed stupid governors to betray their states. A thousand lies were told. And finally the whole motivation was exactly the same as the motivation for ObamaCare, immigration reform, and everything Obama does. He doesn't care about education. He cares about controlling all those people in the schools. Finally, it's conduct unbecoming the president of a democracy. And that's what impeachment is for, stopping such conduct.
Obama seems to want to perpetuate the riots.... so I say let's give him full credit. They are now officially the Obama Riots of 2014. That stupid governor was just a bit player in this production. The media did its usual job of writing rave reviews for Obama. But the staying power of this production, the real gusto, comes from Pres. Obama. He might as well have gone down there and lit a fuse.
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