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White House claims that you can keep your plan. You can keep your country.... Yeah, if you assume everything the White House claims is a lie.
Rudy has done a great job here. First of all, he spoke the truth forthrightly. We need much more of that. Second of all, when our stupid media attacked him and demanded a retraction, he blandly kept the conversation going but didn't retract. That's exactly the right thing to do. Why doesn't somebody commission a poll to find out whether Americans agree with Rudy? I bet the numbers would be stunning. We need to know what percentage of Americans think Obama was born in a foreign country. What percent think that he is not a legitimate president given that his father was a foreigner? What percent think that he does not have a real birth certificate? What percent think that he had a companion, shall we say, living in the White House? What percent think he is a Muslim? What percent think he is working behind the scenes to advance the Muslim Brotherhood's agenda? What percent think he has told more lies than all the other presidents put together? And so on... This poll could be the most entertaining thing we've seen in years.
Obama's the best liar ever. He sets the tone for the country now. The only antidote is that everyone has to start telling the truth. Townhall and similar media should have investigative journalists, police detectives, Sherlock Holmes types. Ask them the hard questions and publish the facts, or the arguments pro and con, however they can most simply be summarized. Is Obama really a Muslim? Is he really from Africa? Is he really a happily married straight guy? Is he pretending to fight ISIS even as he systematically works to strengthen it? Is he pretending to care about the middle class and the American economy even as he systematically undermines them? I know some of this stuff is difficult and delicate. But from everything I see, the truth is the only thing that is going to set us free.
Townhall should report on all the expert testimony that Obama has a gay lifestyle. I have been reading this stuff for six years. But nobody reports it on the next level, Townhall, Breitbart, etc. If the conservative media can't tell the truth about anything, how are they better than the liberal media? Now David Axelrod has a memoir. Even Reggie Love has a memoir. There are plenty of opportunities for asking lots of questions. If you don't know who Reggie Love is, here's a quick update. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_74xR-UzXFs
There is one area where Obama achieves greatness, and that is stonewalling. I hope Congress will not let him get away with it. He is setting precedents that will be even more destructive than his actual presidency. Future presidents will know they can get away with anything by pretending not to notice that you object. From everything I read, he was never a legal president. But now he's gotten away with it for six years. So the next guy with no papers will say, "Hey, Obama did it. I'm just doing what all the other guys did." Over the weekend, one of the networks was running a special called RACE TO THE WHITE HOUSE. No, that's not even interesting at this point. What we need is a special called RACE TO THE BIG HOUSE. That's where they tell us who's going to. jail. Everybody in this administration can probably be described as a felon because they have aided and abetted felonies. Maybe Las Vegas can start putting up odds on where Lois Lerner will spend the next few years.
He's got all the qualifications to be Hillary's VP or Obama's press person.
Obama is waging a trial-balloon offensive. Bergdahl-this and Bergdahl-that but then they say. oh know, even after a year we haven't worked it out. Apparently Obama is trying to figure out what he can get away. What lies will the American public believe? I suspect the White House is trying really hard to avoid the obvious verdict, deserter and probably a traitor. Because then they would have to execute this guy that Obama was celebrating in the Rose Garden.
Yes, it's going to be a crowded field. Anybody so dumb they support Common Core is too dumb to be taken seriously. Presto, the field is not so crowded. @educatt
Okay, I'm prejudiced. I think Obama is a con artist. But isn't that what this new announcement is all about? Obama and his cons. We have all these kids in the eighth and ninth grade who can't read, can't do basic arithmetic, don't know where India is on a map. The idea that these people are moving toward college is absurd. Obama, I think, just wants to dump more easy money on his friends in education, at all levels. Because the Education Establishment is pushing the liberal/progressive/collectivist/totalitarian/socialist message that Obama himself is preaching. So he is supporting his co-religionists, that's the simplest way to look at it. @educatt
Seriously, my impression is that Obama's strategy is to oppose them softly so that none of them get hurt too much. Please, somebody prove me wrong.
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