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This makes my day. A "flaky, gutless gov" (or member of Congress) who is NOT a Republican –that's what I like reading about.
RE: "could lead to arming enemies of the United States." Yes, General, but are you sure that's not the President's strategy??? Personally, I'm worried that his strategy is to help the Muslim Brotherhood every chance he gets. And if the MB makes a deal with some particular group we've approved, then we will end up helping the wrong people. (Congress must make sure this doesn't happen.)
Obama's not capable of telling the truth. Right now he's pretending to be against ISIS while being very careful not to hurt them. I hope Col. North continues to pin him down. Make Obama explain his thinking.
Ever since there were first USSR Communists in the world, let's say roughly around 1920, they have been targeting American education. At every level. Coming from every direction. Hundreds of front groups. And that's why in 1983 the "Nation at Risk" report concluded that our public schools seem to have been designed by a "hostile foreign nation." They were. They still are. There could not be any other logical explanation for how we can spend so many billions of dollars and still have lousy schools. In the same way that Obama is pretending to engage in a war against Muslims, our Education Establishment pretends to engage in the education of American children.
It's not just black kids. Public schools are designed to dumb down everybody who comes in the door. This is such a huge issue, and the media pay no attention to it. Whole Word guarantees you won't learn to read. Reform Math guarantees you won't be able to do arithmetic. Constructivism guarantees you won't learn any facts. There is a long list of bogus theories and methods. If the public understood how destructive these things are, we can turn the schools around in no time. Last week I put up a piece called "Common Core fulfills an ugly dream," making the point that all the things we see now have been in progress for a century. If somebody wants any of these issues explained, please contact me. Bruce Deitrick Price
Another phony front group pretending to be objective and deeply concerned with the public's welfare but actually pushing its own secret agenda at every turn. Pronounce this acronym "Nasty." (I think people have no idea how many scores of foundations work tirelessly every day to defeat what this country needs, i.e., practical, traditional education where children actually learn to read, do arithmetic, and all the rest.)
Notice the dip in ed spending around 2008. Then Obama got in there and threw money at anybody who might conceivably be a loyalist. Common Core is turning a lot of people off. Let's use that momentum to roll back everything: the Department of Education, the National Education Association, and all the phony front groups like the National Council of Teachers of English. Bill Gates gave money to 25 foundations, etc., all these groups pretending to be concerned about the public good but doing everything possible to give the government more power. @educatt
I applaud Larry Elder for writing this. Holder is bad enough on an average day. But now we're eight weeks before elections. And the Democrats are eager to sacrifice that Missouri cop if they can extract a dozen extra votes from doing so. (Michael Brown's friend told a lot of lies right off the bat, stuff about the cop reaching out the window and grabbing this 300-pound man into the car. Through the window? Analytical types need to analyze that testimony. A cop by himself is not going to grab that huge guy.
Michael Brown was not a hero. Only a corrupt black leadership and a corrupt media like the New York Times would allow all the false versions of the story to be propagated. Everybody in America should see the video from the convenience store. Michael Brown is a thief and a bully. It's clear that's what he is, but he does not care. I don't know if it's drugs or what, but he was in another world of his own. A world where he could casually break the law; and a few minutes later, that's what he was doing. We are asked to believe that a cop intentionally pulled a 300-pound man into the car with him. How many times every million years could that happen?
Here is the question you should be exploring. If Malloy loses, what does it mean for the Sandy Hook "official story"? Many people see a hoax there. Many others see a very flawed official account. Whichever it is, Malloy knows what really happened. With him gone, expect to see rats fleeing the ship.
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