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Obama's reading the teleprompter again is not upsetting unless you expected something more. The upsetting part was that Joni Ernst ALSO used a teleprompter, instead of speaking from her heart (or gut) as I'd come to expect!
In the 1950s I attended a grammar school that included a large number of kids who lived on farms. After Christmas it was common for children to bring their Christmas present shotgun or 22 rifle via the school bus to show and tell. The principal would meet them as they got off the bus and take them to his office. He would keep the firearm in his office until it was time for the class show and tell. He would bring the firearm to the class and give it to the student who would tell the class about it ...and usually stories about their hunting prowess. The principal would than take the firearm and give a very comprehensive gun safety lesson to the class. Then back to his office and return it to the student when they were getting back on the bus for the trip home. No SWAT teams (which really didn't exist then) were called and no parents threatened to sue. BTW, there was never a reported firearm accident among the students who attended my school.
Peoples Republik of Kalifornia already had laws on the books that are taking Glock off the market here. The Socialist state already required that guns sold in the state had to go through unique testing. The testing is expensive and pointless...other than to punish the manufacturer. Glock, during the qualification testing of the Gen 4 models, made changes which would require the company to submit to a new test process. Glock declined to participate. So, once the Gen 3 are out of supply, new Glocks will not be available in the state.
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Our Clueless President

Bruce A. Frank Wrote: Jan 16, 2014 8:52 PM
I love the way the comment page refreshed itself as I approached the end of the composition of my post. A post in which I did a bit research to verify my facts, times and names so my information was rock solid, when the page self refreshed and wiped out my comments. Why bother! See you all in the soup lines as we wait for a doctors appointment months in the future.
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