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You are an idiot. We had been occupying Iraq for fifteen years after saving Kuwait. That was one of the reasons bin Laden attacked us. So we had to get out of Iraq and the only way that was going to happen was if we went in in force. Kennedy was a democrat and he took us into Viet Nam. LBJ was a democrat and he took us into Cambodia.
I like that you admit "The World is"; a volcano can output in a week more CO2 than mankind in the last two hundred years.
The earth is a successful cybernetic system that has kept itself balanced for millions of years. But you wouldn't know that since you were born yesterday.
What do you say about Obama denying the pipeline in order to enrich Warren Buffet who owns the railroads the oil must be transported on? And the Keystone pipeline certainly leads to refineries. It leads to both Sun and Sinclair refineries. Why do left wingers like barskor always start by telling lies?
The problem with democrats is that they think their agenda is more important than people's lives.
Obama will use his standard excuse that he simply did not know what was going on and he will throw some one under the bus pretending it is that person's fault that the president never knows anything that is going on around him. He didn't know about Fast And Furious gun running that purposefully supplied thousands of guns to the Mexicanhuman trafficking and drug cartels. He never knows anything anyone on his cabinet is doing and he has no idea what a daily breifing is because he never has one so it is easier to claim 'he didn't know about that'... whatever it may be. He is either the most incompetent president in history or he is lying.
No doubt there are a lot of wildly obvious things that YOU are too dense to notice.
I would like to know if Kerry ever paid the sevven million in taxes on his yacht
Dem totalitarians are all bullies. It is who they are and what they do. You must stay on the Dem tax slave plantation and never question your masters.
Democrat totalitarians have a gene that prevents them from being able to understand simple economics. They cannot help being utter and complete idiots about economic issuses. The democrats are responsible for the recession and the current depression. The DOW is only up because of inflation but Obama keeps printing unbacked currency at the rate of 80 billion a month. And Liawatha here proves my point. She really is that stupid. And she is a university professor. That proves that univerisity degrees are nothing more then indoctrination: you do not learn critical thinking or the scientific method in universities. Instead you are taught nonsense. This is proof.
141% of registered voters in St Lucie voted. That means 30% (or more) of the votes were illegal.
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