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How about all the people in California who cannot find doctors? They have insurance but no doctors accept it. Democrats are the indisputable party of lying liars. "If you like your plan..."
In other words it won't kick in until some one else is in office and they will get to fix it because Obama and the democrats are too incompetent to get anything to work.
They need to apologize for calling Taxed Enough Already people racists.
NAACP = National Association for the Advancement of the Communist Party
I disagree. You cannot kill yourself by over dosing on Pot. You can kill yourself on all the others except LSD. You cannot kill yourself on pot.
Nonsense, Bush Jr, and Clinton also smoked Pot and you blindly call them "unmotivated, low class, degenerate." There are millions of high functioning pot smokers like the last three presidents. Why you choose to be anti-liberty and anti-freedom is a big reason why the republican party cannot attract people who love freedom. Everyone wants to be a fascist and bully people. Why should pot smokers spend years in prison? Why should we pay every year for millions of people in prison for merely smoking the weed? You are propagating "Reefer Madness" science. You are a fool.
If she is elected people will flee Texas. She is another totalitarian leftist who wants to shove Obamacare down your throat and remove all choices from your lives while stripping you of all your money. Democrats make another 300,000 people become poverty stricken every month. They want everyone to be poor. They hate the middle class.
Getting married is a reward for producing children. Homosexual couples cannot make children there for they cannot be 'married'. Give them civil unions and get government out of it.
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