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Almost Union Free: ACLU, Union Caught in Reform Kill Plot

Bruce420 Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 2:33 PM
Lets keep the Communist unions running our public schools says the Progressive Republican. You are a disappearing breed, like the dodo bird. Is the "Republican Taxpayers For Public Education" an oxymoron or just moronic?

Emails obtained by Townhall Finance show that a recent lawsuit filed by the ACLU in attempt to stop school reform measures in Colorado was really the brainchild of the American Federation of Teachers, the statewide teachers’ union affiliate of the AFL-CIO. In an email to Smith, Smith’s union capos, Courtney Smith and Jennie Peek-Dunstone [eye roll], George Merritt, a senior strategist with OnSight Communications, a local political consulting firm, writes about the ACLU’s decision to sue the district: “I think this is another scenario where we need to keep our cards close to the vest and let the ACLU do what...

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