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Its just so funny to read all these dim comments, people lashing out at Obama about the Constitution---when its just so clear he understands it (he taught it at one of the world's best law schools) so much better than they do. The Constitution is clearly outdated and flawed---that statement, that fact doesn't mean what you're going to try to claim it means. As an example, anyone want to keep the part of the document where anyone born here is automatically a US citizen?
No one who keeps claiming---spurting, whining, stamping their size 8 feet---has made anything approaching a logical, valid claim that Obama "doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment." Then it's my fault when I point that out. Is this the same Marco Rubio who didn't have the "guts" to answer the simple question of how old he thinks the universe is? Who shucked and jived his way to "I'm not a scientist, man" as his gutsy answer? What a putz.
He's wrong that Obama doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment---there's no evidence of that. Conservatives have gotten so used to thinking that because they hate Obama so much it's OK to just make stuff up about him. We watch and just shake our heads....its just so sad.
That's nice Marco, thanks for sharing. You're wrong of course, but being accurate wasn't the objective, was it?
The more appealing and much cheaper alternatives would be to do more at the federal level and quite being so prissy about wanting to do everything again at the state level and again at the local level. This "local is better" fetish is way too costly, in addition to just being so weird--and of course wrong.
The Ad Council and other non-profit groups don't pay some stations to run PSAs when they've gotten free airings on other stations---AND it would put the station's license at risk. If some stations have asked for and gotten money for that, they're running a terrible risk of losing their license--which is a license to print money in nearly any market, worth so much more than the chicken feed they might get for charging a small amount for running a few (otherwise free) PSAs. No station owned by a major ownership group (Clearl Channel, CBS, ABC/Cap Cities, etc) would ever do that.
No wonder they ignore you---they can tell you want them to go away, which isn't what they want...
Are you under the mistaken impression that someone--anyone---"pays" the station for running PSAs? The stations run them so they can keep their license---they run them for free. They run them at 3 AM because they won't sell those commercial slots for much if anything anyway, which is why Bill Bennett is on then---he has no audience.
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Obama's Giveaway to the Communists

Bruce2397 Wrote: Jan 15, 2013 11:57 AM
Phyllis is behind the times....there have been articles in the MSM recently (Fortune, Forbes, etc) about how the trend in jobs moving has reversed and many large US corporations are moving work previously done in China back to the US, amounting to tens of thousands of US jobs in 2012 alone.
Yet another area in which no matter what Obama does, conservatives choose to complain. If he made almost as many pardons as W, conservatives would complain that he was pardoning too many people. So the lesson here is not about Obama (other than his odd power to make conservatives really crazy), its about conservatives---they're going to complain no matter what he does, so we should just ignore them.
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A Petty Decision by Obama

Bruce2397 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:12 PM
Oh, its impeachment now, is it? Please, please keep talking about that, the more the better. Nothing like impeachment to keep the low information conservative occupied and clinging bitterly to his resentments while the rest of us in the reality-based community get on with our lives and the world.
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