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Ha ha, that's rich---some TH true-believer telling someone from the reality-based community that they're drinking the Kool-Aid...how droll. Somewhere along the way, people of all political stripes got the sense that if you disliked someone on the other side enough, it was OK to start saying things about them that wasn't true. Of course that's wrong, but as with Carol and Lighthouse and now you, its a hard message to hear.
Jeff---interesting that the "pacifist un-American Chuck Hagel" served in uniform in Vietnam and earned two Purple Hearts for being wounded in combat...two more than you, you dingbat putz.
None of what you said provides any evidence for Carol's baseless claim that Hagel is a "blatent anti-Semite", and its no wonder---there is no evidence of that. the only bullying here is from Carol and her like-bigoted friends who are trying to bully Senators from the stupid party to vote against Hagel.
You can make your fingers type those words but that doesn't begin to make them true. Too bad there's no one around to correct you on live TV, chide you, as McCain did to that dingy woman who embarassed herself at his campaign event by calling Obama an "Arab." A little more public shaming might go a good distance towards achieving Gov Jindal's goal of stopping the GOP from being the stupid party.
Talk about sleazy and dishonest...don't go near a mirror if you've just eaten.
"...the longtime peaceful transfer or reaffirmation of power is a uniquely American thing to behold." Uh, have you ever heard of England? Canada? France? Sweden? Norway? I'm sure there are other countries that also have a record of "longtime peaceful transfer of power." It's great that we have this record, but this pathetic grasping to prop up "American exceptionalism" is getting old.
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The Man

Bruce2397 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:03 PM
I was a big fan of Stan's, growing up in a small town with a Double A affiliate of the Cardinals we heard a lot about him. I had a 33 1/3 lp with an accompanying booklet that gave his lessons on hitting, complete with illustrations---we probably got it for 1.99 plus a fill-up at our local Phillips 66 station... A class act.
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Abortion Strips A Woman’s Free Choice

Bruce2397 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:00 PM
They're getting smarter....having young single women read the lame talking points rather than clumsy old white men.
It never ceases to amaze me what people like WJF will say when they have no idea what they're talking about. Good expression of ignorance and hate, though.
Its just so funny to read all these dim comments, people lashing out at Obama about the Constitution---when its just so clear he understands it (he taught it at one of the world's best law schools) so much better than they do. The Constitution is clearly outdated and flawed---that statement, that fact doesn't mean what you're going to try to claim it means. As an example, anyone want to keep the part of the document where anyone born here is automatically a US citizen?
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