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Barack the Unmerciful: Obama's Amazingly Stingy Clemency Record

Bruce2397 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 9:33 PM
Yet another area in which no matter what Obama does, conservatives choose to complain. If he made almost as many pardons as W, conservatives would complain that he was pardoning too many people. So the lesson here is not about Obama (other than his odd power to make conservatives really crazy), its about conservatives---they're going to complain no matter what he does, so we should just ignore them.
Will Barack Obama go down in history as our least merciful president? With less than two weeks to go in his first term, this reputedly progressive and enlightened man has a strong shot at winning that dubious distinction.

December, a traditional season for presidential clemency, has come and gone, and still Obama has granted just one commutation (which shortens a prisoner's sentence) and 22 pardons (which clear people's records, typically after they've completed their sentences). Barring a last-minute flurry of clemency actions, his first-term record looks weaker than those of all but a few previous presidents.

Which of Obama's predecessors managed...