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Abortion Strips A Woman’s Free Choice

Bruce2397 Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:00 PM
They're getting smarter....having young single women read the lame talking points rather than clumsy old white men.
modernmover Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 8:19 PM
Remember also, that these "clumsy old white men" fought for your freedom with their lives and property, wrote your constitution, and ended slavery. Is this how you would reference your grandparents? Or are you one of the "Obama" families that has no parents or grandparents? Only Uncle/Santa Barack
DCM in FL Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:04 PM
Lame talking points are the property of the pro-choice side.

The way to end abortion is to show women that abortion strips them of freedom. Abortion does not preserve choice; abortion pollutes choice.

Not All Free Choices Are Beneficial

Killing in the name of freedom does not preserve one’s own freedom. Women nearly always have the freedom to kill; they do not always have the right to kill.

Pro-choice activists tell women that in order to preserve their freedom, they must defend their right to kill their children. But the question is not whether an act is committed freely, but whether it is an objectively good act. If you freely...