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Unions: Boss’ Constant Criticism, Silent Treatment and Lack of Credit are ‘Workplace Bullying’

Bruce2142 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 7:33 AM
It's no surprise that union controlled states are broke or close to it. I am also surprised that in states where union membership is mandatory, someone hasn't filed a discrimination suit against the unions. In fact, if I were an enterprising attorney, I would launch a class action suit with everyone that was denied a teaching position because they wouldn't join. As Governor Walker proved in WI though, when given a choice, even loyal public union slaves will opt out of paying dues.

The National Staff Organization – a group comprised of teachers union organizers, negotiators and lobbyists – recently published an article in which it complains about an apparent rise in “workplace bullying.”

The WAR – or Winter Advocacy Retreat – newsletter reads:

“To get a handle on what workplace bullying looks like, unions have to consider bullying warning signs like continuous criticism, silent treatment or credit not being given to a worker. Then unions have to develop the strategies to deal with it and restore control to the situation.”

Just let it marinate for a minute that unions are complaining about...

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