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U.N. Readies Attack on Internet as Obama Dithers

Bruce2142 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:03 AM
Hey moron, why don't you go back to political history class and learn that farm subsidies were created by DemocRATs (FDR and his Agricultural Adjustment Act to be specific) in the first stages of implementing their socialist agenda. Economically ignorant communist thread jackers like you and alej should do your homework and stick to the topic of the article that you are commenting on. But, as the old movie line goes; "Everyone is now dumber for having read your worthless drivel." Now, both of you go back down into your mom's basements before they catch you playing on the computer; well, at least until your Fuhrer gives up control of the internet to his communist/terrorist buddies!

While talk of the United States tumbling over a so-called “fiscal cliff” dominates news cycles in the nation’s capital and other major cities, on the other side of the planet, the United Nations is quietly but relentlessly pressing to take control of the Internet. It is being aided in this illicit endeavor by various totalitarian regimes, and by many smaller states that routinely use their strength in numbers to bash America.

The vehicle chosen by the internationalists for this power grab is the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), one of the many aged bureaucracies that long ago lost any degree of relevance...