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Elections Do Have Consequences…for the Media

Bruce2142 Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 8:14 AM
Yea, stupid, and more black families have been destroyed by progressive entitlement programs than divorce. Just look at the high number of single black mothers, with several children by different men that literally live off of the welfare system. That mentality even extends to black professional athletes that have done the same thing! You progressives are just plantation owners and welfare recipients are your slaves!

It’s a common refrain from the victor: elections have consequences. The victor then goes on to claim a mandate to do A or Z. It’s par for the course. The real question is whether elections have consequences for the media. As it turns out, the answer appears to be yes.

On a whole host of issues, the mainstream media’s reporting seems to have a bit more balance, at least compared to the pre-election coverage of some of the campaign’s most important issues.

The left will dismiss this as conservative sour grapes, but ask yourself whether you saw, heard or...