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I believe that if the LA City Council took such a stupid action, they would be guilty of restraint of trade and would open themselves up to pricy lawsuits that they can't afford to defend! The LA Slimes isn't the only media outlet in the Tribune empire, either! There are several more U.S. versions of Pravda, as well as several radio and TV stations. Actually, Pravda has become more conservative than communist over the past few years and they laugh at his excellency Barackus Obamanus. The funniest part of the lefty vitriol against the Koch brothers, is their absolute ignorance of the facts that they contribute millions to hospitals, museums and other publicly funded financial black holes that the lefties love to trot out as chanting points to spend more money and raise taxes!
Well, David, as Chertonfan already pointed out, why didn't that idiot Savage address Islam's view of homosexuality? Part of me would consider it irony if you liberats got Sharia law enacted here, because openly glbt people would be marked for death. That's the problem with hypocritical morons like you that defend your fellow commies. You are all pathetic losers!
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Can Liberals be This Dumb? Forward!

Bruce2142 Wrote: May 05, 2013 7:36 AM
Ethanol has been as big a farce as all of the other "green energy" scams that the environuts have saddled the country with. Not only does it produce less energy per gallon than gasoline but; it takes 17 gallons of water to produce one gallon of it, it diverts grains (mainly corn) from the food supply and it is very corrosive, therefore, in can't be transported through pipelines. It has to be transported by trucks or rail tankers, which use another fuel! Liberals are such hypocritical losers! Not many of them have ditched their cars or big SUVs, electricity or other energy consuming devices to support their lies, including the biggest fraud of them all, Al Gore!
It may be a conservative area, but the bulk of our education system has been taken over by radical liberat commies!
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Food Truck Bullies

Bruce2142 Wrote: May 01, 2013 7:42 AM
If anyone has watched the TV show, The Great Food Truck Race, they would see that many and of these food truck businesses are owned by minorities women. If I were one of them facing these Gestapo goons, I would play the discrimination card in a minute. I haven't checked all of these cities, but Henrietta, Atlanta and Chicago, are controlled by Demonrats. That explains the problem completely!
You are correct, YESWECAN! They consider all other religions, including other sects of their own, as infidels. They feel totally justified in killing those infidels by any means. The liberats are so bent on including everyone, that they keep voting in morons like Obama, while ignoring the true impact. I have friends that converted from Islam to Christianity because they felt so strongly that killing for religious beliefs was deplorable. One of the couples warns that the Arab Defense League was established and is funded by radical Muslim groups to subtly advance the goals of those groups. The Obama administration cow tows to these radicals and actually aids and abets them. People need to wake up!
The ignorant, race baiting sycophant of his excellency Barackus Obamanis, spews yet again. Everyone reading this thread is now dumber for having read your senseless post. Why don't you just shut up and go away?
Thanks for sharing those memories, Mr. Greenberg. I was one of those Vietnam grunts that bailed on the Dimwit party after I returned. I remember reading about Mr. Douglas' support and then became disgusted with the Senator from my own state, Hubert Humphrey with his stance. Then he wondered why Vietnam vets wouldn't support him when he wanted to run to be the POTUS. Vietnam was the turning point for the DFL, pushing then into liberal/progressives. I do believe, however, that had JFK lived, the outcome there would have been much different.
I would also add that due to the freebies that the Dimwits have given the black population, it has made them dependent on the government and they have grown too lazy to work. It infuriates me to see young black women, dressed in expensive clothes and lots of gold bling, toting a couple of kids and in the company of a couple of men, using food stamps at the store. Then, jumping into a late model Escalade with chrome wheels that cost $1,000 each, while talking on her iPhone 5! Any black person that speaks out against the subjugation of blacks by the Dims, is labeled as an Uncle Tom. I ask this; who are the REAL Uncle Toms?
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Black Unemployment

Bruce2142 Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 7:31 AM
You are spot on, Bear! I have a couple of friends that are union slaves, but at least they know it. They tell me that the unions are so desperate for members, that they are allowing Hispanics, Somalis and orientals that speak little or no English and don't have the skills to do the jobs. This is concerning to their brothers and sisters, especially from a safety standpoint. The union leaders have forced all of the most experienced trades people (over 55) into retirement, so there aren't enough of them to train these newbies. Not that they could understand what they were being taught anyway!
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