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Chicago Teachers Union Forgets the Veterans on Veterans Day

Bruce2142 Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 7:33 AM
You seem to forget that the auto bailout, the healthcare bill with its resultant economical damage and the housing collapse, were the sole responsibility of the DemocRATs. If you really don't think that your black messiah is not a socialist/communist, as some immigrants from the former Soviet Bloc countries about it. Overwhelmingly they will tell you that they know a commie when they see one and they have seen one running our country since 2009!

On Monday, November 12th (the observed Veterans Day), the Chicago Teachers Union organized a protest, not to honor vets, but to protest school closures. Ironically, all Chicago Public Schools were closed that day to supposedly honor military veterans who served our nation.

While the union forgot to bring American flags to honor those vets, they did have plenty of socialist, communists and other radicals in the ranks.


Judging by the resistance of union activists to answer simple questions, it’s unlikely EAGnews will be on the CTU’s Christmas – oops, we mean winter holiday card list.