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Final Gallup, Rasmussen Polls: Romney 49, Obama 48

bruce2104 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 7:36 PM
After tomorrow unless Townhall can rid this site of spammers i'm gone. I can hire some high school freshman that can figure it out for you. Now it must be easy to spam this on ever thread here so maybe they will see it!
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bruce I think a 3rd button between reply and flag for ignore, click ignore on a poster and u don't see that posters comments, wanna bring them back just unclick. Great thing about it they won't know who has put them on ignore and will simply be wasting their time
bruce2104 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 7:47 PM
problem with that is they change there name daily if not more.
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takes a lot longer to make a new account then it does for me to click a button

No promises, but this may well be my last post devoted to polling before the ultimate poll is taken and tabulated tomorrow.  These surveys are the crack cocaine of politics, and we're all going to need to detox on Wednesday.  And with that, voila: Gallup's final pre-election poll has fallen in line with virtually every other national poll, showing Romney ahead by a mere point, 49/48.  The bad news for Republicans is that this lead is diminished from the GOP ticket's five point edge prior to Gallup suspending its polling due to the storm. The good news is that...