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Did you expect more!
Boehner wins America lost.
Other than in you and the MSM it looks like we did pretty well after last shut down.
John, Excellent column today sorry I didn't get to read it earlier today, but what you said is how I live. Everyone deserves respect as long as it mutual but that's not what to many want now.
"This announcement today will be remembered as a tragic mistake," Obama I hope will be remembered as a tragic mistake, just hope we can survive the last two year's.
My thought also way to many legally drugged adolescents, from one that if born later probably would have been. (G)
This is just so stupid, when we go out to dinner the last thing I would look at is the calorie count. Then again eating and not caring is a treat and not a life style.
Left 15 yrs ago and it wasn't half as bad as now.
I may have thought that but having invested everything we own to open our business and seeing the lack of protection by the state if it ever happen in my area I will protect my business regardless! I will deal with the consequences if they come.
Yes No,maybe but he can attracted a portion of the electorate that has been lost to the republicans. Now how he goes about it sometimes is troubling.
Ann Ann Ann, Believe what you want but unless we govern in a conservative way we won't win again. I'm sure you have seen the election results so unless we make a real change in direction that we are going the uninformed receiving vote will be out in 2016. We have just a short time to define our selves and your vision will do nothing.
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