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When the incumbent has to fight for fifty percent of the vote in a primary you no the establishment is worried. Just keep fighting.
If there not real terrorist like Conservatives or Tea Party they aren't of interest.
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"Transparency," Obama Style

bruce2104 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 6:45 PM
Just to add Will would be at the front of the line anywhere but Israel!!
Wonder what could happen if the establishment helped all R canidates instead of just establishment approved. Of cource will never really no because there scared of giving up there power. How many decades have this group been in charge and what have they really have to show for it?
GW, You like the other troll's show yourself every time you attach a Conservative. I don't think you really want to fix the problem just put a less progressive R in there place. The truth is that you are almost as big a problem as the left! Bruce,
But don't worry all illegal's coming in the southern border are disease free, if you don't believe that your a racist. BHO,
ninety percent aren't children but all should be sent back.
Simple enough question and of course the answer is no! Nation building does not work.
Well said and have found my Jewish friends don't have a clue to what's happening or refuse to accept it.
Yes but they won't just die or fall off the face of the earth or give up the holy land so they are the guilty one's.
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