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I'm in a conservative area out side Charlotte so speaking from experience here. Our media thou being a red state is north east blue and being that you wouldn't have a clue to what's happening on the outside of NC or inside to be blunt. Hagen and the lib's are spending huge amounts on advertising but just starting to see Tillis ad's as we approach the election time. Voted for Brannon in the primary but will take Tillis any day than have a repeat of hagan.
When you can't ask for ID how would you know? Just asking!
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Obama Has Declared Himself King

bruce2104 Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 6:45 PM
Sorry but most don't even the difference or were lied to during the two week period that they paid attention, so clueless. I stopped getting the newspaper, really hard for me since that's how I learned to read but to make a point if the only thing i read was the Charlotte Observer that I do buy sometimes you would think that the world was at peace our economy is great. Until something really shatters that image that I don't hope for but might be the only thing that might wake us up. Bruce,
Yea just ignoring what's happening is the better choice! Let's just leave our borders wide open while reducing our military abroad and have our intel focus on those dangerous tea party type! You are an Idiot.
Dan, If not it can be! but to many in the GOP are bought and paid for. You really want to win elections drop the Chamber of Commerce and do whats right. I'm a small business self employed 25 years and realized they didn't represent then or now.
Grew up in NJ and still have family there and unless you look for media other the the Star ledger or local papers in most areas you wouldn't even no if a city just a few miles away was burning like in Missouri. They are more focused on putting a good mom with a concealed carry than reporting the carnage in there cities.
That seems to be OK with them. Self defense is more a right than NJ's laws, this is a good one to bring thru the courts as we still have a chance to win.
Just looking but being an NC concealed carry i don't see that i can carry in NJ. Have family there and would like to but don't trust this article.
When the incumbent has to fight for fifty percent of the vote in a primary you no the establishment is worried. Just keep fighting.
If there not real terrorist like Conservatives or Tea Party they aren't of interest.
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