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Good point!
Same here, do your job as Senator for now but don't pollute the field as you are on the wrong side of the immigration issue. Until the entitlement class is below ten percent not including SS and Medicare I don't see why we need to import workers or in reality more that will end up being subsided with our tax dollars.
Insert liberties for folks and you have the agenda!
Were there rampant rapes at Disneyland this year i didn't hear about or are you just an idiot.
What are you talking about? This is a disease that had been almost been eradicated here but not south of us, then you add and i saw it the morons in CA and I saw it when i lived there that wouldn't protect there own kid's so you create a perfect storm for the return of what should not be a problem if we protected our borders.
I'm sure there is no connection to recent outbreak to non screened illegal's coming across the border, especially in LA area or CA in general that is so concerned about the US citizens that live there.
Same here, I do like some from Washington running but personally I like Governors and after our current disaster we do need a change.
So how did that work out!!
Hard to see worse but in CA anything is possible, I left in 98 and last vote was against Davis for Gov. and they just keep sinking farther into the leftist hell and most seem to like it.
Did you expect more!
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