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the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. What kind of people do you think this POS POTUS would bring to the party. To all the smucks who voted for this putz, enjoy the results. Boy, are we f**cked
If I happened to be in a restaurant that says they don't want handguns in their place, the key is .....,concealed!!! No problem at the restaurant, no reason to slap leather. G-d forbid there is an issue, I damn well guarantee you...I will be in the court room not in the ground! He or she will be. And this is not bravado either.
what a babbling fool. how can anyone with an IQ over, shall we say ...75? that its a moron or idiot level, think this guy is someone that you want to be associated with. ANFW :-)
We will pay for your trip to ISIS and we will also pay the FEDEX bill when they send your f**ken head back in a bag for all your family and friends to see. I call your bluff!
You are beautiful and you have a pair. Actually you have two (2) pair. And I don't give a s**t about the PC police. As a matter of fact, I wish they paid me a visit in person. They won't be the same. :-)
off his meds again.
I'd have more respect for him. The respect is still a zit on a hats a**. Big it isn't
Are you f**kin kidding me. He thinks political when he goes to the bathroom.
POS POTUS!!!!!!!!!!! Its about whats important...ya get it people?
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