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maybe, just maybe we will hear about finding her handing in the closet, not hanging up things in a closet...just her. swinging good time!
I want to see that smug look behind bars, and I'm not talking about an alleyway in the street. The kind where she holds on to with both hands as she looks through them.
and she wants to be president. I'll vote for her just after Bibi N. votes for her
This P (sharp point) k POS is incredible. Just when he either says or does something really stupid, you say to yourself, he can't top that, but some how the POS POTUS manages to do that. McFly oh McFly...he is amazing.
good one Joe. I will use that. The reason it is declined....its been used way too many times. It's lost it's relevance!
The denver thing is his big skinny middle finger at us and at the US. He doesn't give a rats a** about anything other then his legacy. That I'm sure will be nothing but the biggest lies run by miss valerie.
So, now we call this country....north korea. Keep your mouths shut, are you f**ken kidding me, or else!
The only thing that is PHONY is you, you POS!
Enjoy this smuck. Cause and effect! This is very simple to understand.
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