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I want to hear the words.....Mr. Holder, please turn around and put your hands on the wall. Click Click ...and away we go! What do think?
How about ....JAIL!!!!!!!
How the F**K does this "sharp point" make this happen? I'm stupid, someone please splain it to me.
His name should be Ebama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the DNC better have paid for the beoutch to show up. want to bet we did.
This POS POTUS is nothing more than a smiling machine. It has taken some of you 5-6 years of listening to his s**t and now you think he lies. Your IQs must be in double digits.
Lone Survivor. Joel176.. you are right, I can't wait to see it as well.
Tell a lie enough times, especially to morons, and low and behold...its the truth. His legacy is going to bite him in the a**.
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Obama: "Eric Has Done a Superb Job"

Bruce1974 Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 6:44 PM
Maybe in front of you POTUS on his knees, but thats about it. Look up the word racist in the dictionary and you will see holder's face!
nothing to be said other than..........HE IS A POS POTUS! Legacy is all he is concerned about. We can only hope that the truth prevails! Lots of luck folks
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