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Look Her in the Eye

Bruce1399 Wrote: Apr 28, 2014 8:15 AM
Some clods on here think this entire conversation was fake. Maybe it was, maybe it was paraphrased and maybe it was a written transcript of a recording. They don't know, but don't mind making the accusation, then launching into a progressive-trademarked tirade about how wrong Adams is and that any debate is settled by popular opinion. Somehow, they have entirely missed the whole point of Adams' post.
Military intervention is not the smartest method of dealing with what we don't like. Unfortunately, our best non-military weapon has been removed from our arsenal - economics. When the U.S. and Europe were economic powerhouses, we didn't have to use force. Now, our glove has no fist inside and our opponents know it. After all, if we get too far out of line, they call in our debt and bring us to heel. I don't like it, but I can't blame the Russians for wanting to secure their naval base in Sevastopol. On the other hand, do you have to wait until you get a blowout to realize you need new tires? Most people try to look a little further down the road and anticipate what will happen next if the current situation continues. One more reason to strengthen our economy.
Young MEN behaving correctly. Thanks, guys.
It is amazing to me that the beliefs and feelings of so many people can be nullified by the threat of one, possibly imaginary, weenie throwing a tantrum. This sounds like the work of a professional 'offended' political hitman, making inspections and noting what opportunities are available for creating one of these 'offended' moments. Notice that the 'offended party' is rarely named, as it might infringe on their rights. But, still, you'd think the Air Force would have the backbone to stop this BS.
I agree with Dr. Brown on the real message of his article - if you don't start, you won't have to stop. Avoid the danger instead of indulging in it. This makes sense on so many levels. However, that doesn't address the impulse to do dangerous, stupid things for the sake of the thrill that so many young men (and now young women) do. Intelligence might be there in young people, but wisdom probably isn't. That takes time and life's education and reflection. Many bad habits are picked up during the age of intelligence without wisdom, not just smoking. These habits may haunt us the rest of our lives, even if we aren't crippled physically. One other point, though, that I'm sure Dr. Brown is aware of. Three score and ten are the days allotted to man, and if he is strong and those days increase to 4 score, what does it gain him? Everyone has to die somehow and, while these three guys died because of their habits, that just happened to be the way these three died. They didn't burn in a housefire, get trampled by buffalo or eat tainted meat, the way lots of other people have died in the past. If they hadn't developed the habit, (addiction) to smoking, they may well have died earlier by some other way. No one gets out of this life without dying. At least, not yet.
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A Challenge to Our Beliefs

Bruce1399 Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 8:59 AM
What Dr. Sowell is talking about here is called, in psychology, 'learned helplessness'. It is, obviously, where the subject is taught to feel helpless. However, the difference between white lab rats and people is that the rats don't randomly attack the others in their group. Only humans try to blame others for what happens to them. What the liberals have done with this is to load the gun, put it in the 'victim's' hand, pull back the hammer and tell the 'victims' who their targets should be.
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Throw the Rascals Out?: Part II

Bruce1399 Wrote: Oct 30, 2013 7:35 AM
It sounds very good except for one point: Congressional salaries. If you made the salary of Congresspeople (men, women, representatives and senators) a million dollars a year, elections would be like a lottery with the voters deciding on who gets to be a millionaire. They check in, do nothing, retire after their term as millionaires. Perhaps a deal where they are guaranteed their old job back as it was when they left and match the salary they were getting while they are a Congressperson, would be better. Now, which members of Congress are going to introduce and support this law?
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