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howzabout Ron Brown who was about to go public with campaign contribution illegalities. He would up dead on a mountainside of Bosnia with a perfect .45 dimension hole in his skull and the surviving air-woman who was Choppered out of the wreck site mysteriously landed DOA at the airbase....of a broken neck!
Loyal Dem, Like Voltaire, I vociferously disagree with you, but will defend your right to speak to the death. Lokk at history....where has fascism, socialism or communism resulted in prosperity, liberty and political stability?You may have seen some of these elements present for brief interludes during the despotic reign of Hitler, Stalin and Mao- but these 'command & control' economies always implode due to human nature ( vested self-interest) and economic reality.Illinois has very high state, local and property taxes with equally high sales and municipal taxes. How much is enough? More people are leaving Illinois except for New Jersey- hardly a source of pride. As an ex-pat Chicagoan now living in NC I have no sympathy for the corrupt politicians, their union confederates and the LIV's that believe a small government dole is sufficient to keep themn voting for their own inevitable economic demise. Loay Dem- if you truly could implement your plan to inflict Churchill's definition of socialsim, i.e., the equality of misery' upon the citizens of Illinois, then you must be prepared to surround the state with barded wire, minefileds and armed border guards ala MKVD from the old Soviet Union with orders to shoot to kill all those seeking to escape your new 'workers paradise'. Oh, and change the name of the state to the People's Democratic Republic of Illinois replete with hammer and sickle banner. Good luck with that!!!
God Speed Sergeant Guarnere. We shall never forget you and your comrades valor when the fate of the world literally depended on your fortitude and courage. HAND SALUTE!!
IF the State begins a Jihad against firearm owners - then I predict that a small cadre of ex-military patriots will begin the attack the root of the problem, i.e. those senior police and government officials and THEIR FAMILIES. It is the most economical method of giving pause to the tyrants. The State will be so busy protecting its minions that it will not have the resources to pursue their original objective OR they will accelerate their foul plans to convert Connecticut into a giant gulag. The likely result- mass exodus from the state and increasing levels of violence that will catalyze those in authority to chose a path- supporting or persecuting the freedom fighters. The state will be forced to militarize their borders to prevent like-minded patriots from across the country from entering the People's Republic of Connecticut to join the revolt. I doubt those in Hartford have the stomach to live each day in abject fear of death for themselves and loved ones. Let us pray it does not come to this....
Issa should enlist the Ways & Means committee to suspend the salaries of the top 100 IRS officials until such time as Lerner agrees to testify. I would require her to be wired to a lie detector and use a voice stress analyzer as well. ... and no- the forfeited pay will not be retroactively disbursed. Lost FO-EV-AH!!!
In 1992 author Harold Coyle penned a military techno-thriller "Trial By Fire". The plot details the overthrow of the Mexican PRI party and the Mexican government by a junta of 13 colonels who were Mexican patriots determined not to let the original ideals of the Juarez revolution die in a morass of corruption. Unfortunately, the arch-villain of the novel, a uber-drug lord- has other ideas and uses his private army of mercenaries to forment an invasion of Mexico by the US Army in response to murderous attacks by said mercs on the Border patrol, National Guard and villains alike. An American General briefs the Governor of Texas in one scene which I would like to share with the readers as instructive to what "sealing the Mexican border" a distance of 1,933 miles - would actually entail in terms of men and material: Personnel: Approximately 52 divisions ( about 2.6 million men) Barrier Material: Standard Barbed Steel-taped Concertina wire - 611,830 rolls Man-hours to install Concertina - 312,000 hours Antipersonnel mines at a 0-2-0 Density - 14,508,000 Man-hours to lay above mines - 1,810,000 hours Truckloads required to haul above material - 28,000 loads. The General goes on to advise the Governor that the estimates are on the low side and areas such as Big Bend National Park would require substantially more material and effort. Of course one could always use the illegals captured within the US as slave labor to build the barrier, a technique used by the now-defunct USSR, the only difference being their barrier was designed to keep people IN the "Workers Paradise" as opposed to preventing mass-entry into that hell-hole. Short of summary execution, the only viable means of staunching this tsunami of humanity from Mexico, Central America with a liberal sprinkling of Middle-Eastern terrorists thrown in for the upcoming Jihad is to immediately terminate the anchor baby policy- the 14th amendment was never intended for that purpose and has been perverted by the Progressives and their Marxist judges. Also deny any and all government benefits for those who cannot prove their citizenship, Obama included! Thoughts and comments are welcome!
?? On Fox's "The Five" yesterday a figure of 50K was quoted by Eric Bolen from the WSJ...typical- double an already phony number- weak, lame and oh-so predictable!
Email or call your congressional rep.... only a steady drumbeat of discontent from their constituents will provoke action ( think of motivating a mule with a 2 x 4). I've contacted George Holding- NC 13th District both by phone and email and expressed my displeasure at the snail's pace and timidity of the Judicial Committee ( he's a member) investigating Lerner and the IRS spying on reporters. Time will tell- keep up the pressure folks!!
Concealed carry is the answer - permit or not. Better to judged by 12 of your peers than carried by six of your friends. If more perps were dispatched in the defense of one's life or loved ones- the number of these heinous attacks would rapidly diminish. Remember...when in doubt, empty the magazine!
Where's the budget?! Excerpted from today's Weekly standard: see link below... http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/1360-days-last-budget_696321.html "House Republicans earlier today proposed a plan to raise the debt ceiling for only enough time (three months) to allow for Senate Democrats to produce a budget. The reason Democrats, who run the Senate, need to be prodded to propose a budget is simple: The Senate has not passed a budget in 1,360 days. The last time the Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009. In that time, the debt has increased by $5.3 trillion. The amount spent by the federal government in that time is likewise enormous: $13.0 trillion" ....and the Republicans are being "obstructionist"?
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