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Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding Sandra Fluke weren't actually attacking her possible promiscuity. Fluke made very public claims that the absence of health insurance coverage for contraceptives would impose great hardship on women. Limbaugh's logical and bitingly humorous retort was to point out that she must be doing a booming business if she needed so many contraceptives that their purchase imposed a hardship for her. She was, after all, at the time a student at one of the most expensive law schools in the country. Talk about hypocrisy.
Yes, it would be so much better to tax all churches, thereby severely reducing their ability to perform charitable work, thereby increasing the need for more big-government programs to take up the slack -- and spend more tax dollars.
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The Intellectual Poverty Law Center

Brubaker15 Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 5:52 PM
Apparently without even realizing it, you're confirming Mike Adams' central thesis. In your mind, criticism of homosexuality is, ipso facto, hate speech. The vast majority of Earth's human population believes that homosexuality is deviant behavior. Most aren't interested in prosecuting or persecuting homosexuals, but neither are they going to pretend that it's normal for men to copulate with other men.
Batteries and lamp bulbs and a thousand other items wear out and must be replaced. That falls under routine maintenance. The issue here is an ignition switch that was faulty by design, a fault identified prior to production and then ignored. It is that malfeasance that formed the basis of the suit, not simply the failure of the part.
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Popular Nonsense

Brubaker15 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 1:28 PM
During a year in college, you're paying tuition, room and board, and you're not being paid. During a year as an unpaid intern, you're not being paid, but neither are you paying to be there -- and you're learning valuable skills (the whole point of being an intern). An unpaid internship poses far less obstacle to entry than college.
Yes, she said religious book, not bible. The point is that she would not have said anything had the student been reading the Koran (Quran). Christianity is fair game for liberals, but Muslims are off limits.
"Their [sic] are better ways to confirm identity without asking for ID's." Like what? What "better ways" do you have in mind?
It's a perverse form of self-delusion where liberal ideas never fail, they just haven't been properly implemented: 1. Create a big-government program. 2. Watch it fail. 3. Conclude that the problem is the program wasn't big enough. 4. Repeat cycle.
It's been said that the way to get a mule's attention is to hit him in the head with 2x4. It works the same way with liberals.
"Nearly 10 million people have gained health insurance" You must have missed that talking point. Obama claims that it's 7.1 million. Oh, and representatives are elected in Congressional districts, not one big national vote. Which party received the most votes nationally doesn't count for squat.
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Marching as to War

Brubaker15 Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 8:28 AM
As Bugs would say, "What a maroon."
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