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Spare the Hype of 'Budget Armageddon'

Brownink Wrote: Mar 06, 2013 12:05 PM
We NEED to END that job by ending the horribly named homeland security dept! As well as ending the patriot act (no terror attacks in over 12 years), End t.s.a. as they have NOT stopped ANY terrorist attack since they have invaded our airports and elsewhere. repeal NDAA! think of the money saved by ending no longer needed alphabet agencies!!!
Barack Obama's strategy going into the scheduled sequestration was to hit the panic button, over and over again, putting the very Obama-friendly media into a heavy rotation of disaster metaphors.

"Hours, now, until massive government cuts go into effect that could impact every American. Jobs vaporizing, flights delayed, even criminals walking free," warned ABC morning anchor Josh Elliott. On screen were the words "BUDGET ARMAGEDDON."

The only people being released from jails were about 2,000 illegal immigrants who were facing deportation. The Department of Homeland Security released them, citing "looming budget cuts." That's just more gamesmanship. Put another quarter in the panic...