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It's ALL smoke and mirrors folks. The REGIME must be ENDED before It Ends US!
Islam sucks in all ways possible, allah sucks(wishes HE were Christ), and mohammed sucks, a whole lot of sucking going on and I don't believe they can be CIVILIZED! PERIOD!
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The Shameless Hackery of Harry Reid

Brownink Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 4:28 PM
POS reid has a VERY short memory, he's the one that produced the "nuclear option", NOW HE'S BITCHING ABOUT IT! What a World??? Hey dingy harry, please take a LONG walk on a SHORT pier, NOW!
56,000,000 million human beings so far since roevwade, something to be SO PROUD of!
Guess what idiot? MURDER IS MURDER any way you slice it!
RINOs strike again, can't wait to run them ALL out of our government!
Collect al sharpless's back taxes while you are at it!
Gee, an ASSWIPE for a president, America, you SO smart!
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