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Israel and the New Munich

Brother Woody Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 1:02 PM
Israel needs to disavow its own nuclear weapons before it condemns others for wanting to maintain a regional balance. Israel can no longer withstand its own peculiarity or preferential status among nations. The majority of Americans are unwilling to further defend Israel's political ideology by starting more wars. The times for a "Jewish" state expired with the Roman Empire. Modern Israel is an anachronism at best & a complete fabrication of the Anglo-American Empire that created it & sustained it. Glick is correct: the A-A, Euro Empire is in rapid decline & Israel is on its own. For what it's worth, Islamic countries are also doomed because of their "religious" exclusivity.
Bondman60 Wrote: Oct 21, 2013 3:15 PM
Brother Woody is a fool.

1. There is a difference between a democratic, responsible nation, like France, having nukes, and a non-democratic, irresponsible nation, like North Korea, having nukes.

2. Israel's nukes have always been strictly a dooms-day option. Given the animosity of her neighbors, would any Israeli leadership that unilaterally disarmed be considered responsible by the Israeli people?

3. Israel, assuming it does not strike Iran successfully and disable its nuclear weapons program, has nuclear technolgy and defensive technology that have a reasonable chance of keeping Iranian nukes in their silos.

4. Netanyahu was wrong to attempt to internationalize the Iranian issue. Even though a nuclear-armed Iran is indeed a problem for all Western nations, many on the right in Israel feel that Israel must not rely on the U.S. for its security. Some Israeli politicians have long called for Israel to "cut off the head of the Iranian snake". If the available options had been used a few years ago, Israel could have dealt Iran's nuclear program a serious blow. But because Bibi relied on Obama, with the U.S.'s more advanced capabilities, Israel's window of oportunity has closed. So, basically, Netanyahu has failed as a leader of his nation. He must now resign, and allow more serious, pragmatic leaders to take over.

Are you at all bothered by the 20-something exclusively Muslim and Arab states? Has their time passed as well? Does the fact that millions of Arabs live peacefully in Israel while no Jew may set foot in Saudi Arabia bother you at all?

Modern Israel is the realization of the Third Jewsih Commonwealth in the Land of Israel. The Jewish people have returned home after 2000 years of forced exhile, and they will not be uprooted without a fight. Israel's Jews will fight for their families and their land. Sorry if that conflicts with your vision of "coexistance", but, frankly, we Jews don't give a rat's behind what you think.