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Easy Things You Can Do to Prevent Voter Fraud

BrotherWinstonSmith Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 3:11 PM
Love it, love it! The AGITATED creepy Alinskyite stalker, who must force human interaction that it would never normally receive, by attempting to smear the name of it's target... is bringing MORE Ron Paul sunshine to the world!!!!!!!!! Seemingly without realizing it... in it's panicky propaganda... it is ACKNOWLEDGING Ron Paul as a threat!!!!!!! It is FIGHTING! And remember: First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. The creepy, Alinskyite stalker has now shifted to "fighting!" And what comes after "fight you" boys and girls? Lemme hear it LOUD!!!!!!! LOUDER!!!!!!!!!! Today is a good day for the r3VOLution!!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday Townhall readers! I'm in Houston, Texas today for the Second Annual True the Vote National Summit. I'll be posting throughout the day about the content of the sessions and speeches on the issue of voter fraud. To start things off, here is a list of easy things people can do to not only prevent voter fraud.


-Get involved with True the Vote and your local voter intergrity groups

-Get trained as a poll watcher

-Help train new poll watchers

-Go through voter registration data rolls,...