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I'm still waiting for any whack.
OH MOMMA!!!! This Ben Swann Reality Check is like ACID to the PANICKING FAKE-conservative Establishment GOPers! They will post ANYTHING, LICKETY-SPLIT, to push it on down!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKaXqoC4DjE
Collapsing would come in handy, for truth you CANNOT REFUTE. Personally, I couldn't stoop to such cowardly tactics... but... we're all individuals.
Seems to get your attention... whoever you are. Funny thing about crazy, insignificant Winston Smith. He seems to have an army of groupies.
UH-OH... Ben Swann, Jerry Doyle, Mitt Romney and RNC open cheating... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfxpCu5qxx4
Wow. Strange that such an insignificant event... garners such multitudes of comments.... Hmmm....
On behalf of Brigade 2506, allow me to apologize for Ken6226's remarks.
"Make no mistake, what happened in Tampa WILL NOT stay in Tampa." ~Ben Swann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKaXqoC4DjE
"My promise...is to help you and your family." Mr. Romney. As a Constitutional Libertarian Tea Partier... my family DOESN'T NEED your help. You are not a god. You are not a king. You are not my parent. You are not my guardian. You are not my doctor. You are not my employer. You are not my mechanic. You are not my teacher. You are not my financial consultant. You MUST, by LAW, follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. THIS... is the ONLY THING that should concern you, as a cheat-nominated Presidential candidate.
Americans have a choice Freedom is slavery Too big to fail War is peace
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