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No Sequester Catastrophe

brosenburg Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 11:19 PM
The Sequester is a catastrophe to Obama's inaugural address pledge for "collective action", or at least, a roadblock. Friedrich Hayek warned that collective action and "economic planning" would lead America down "The Road To Serfdom". He concluded that by substituting central planning of the economy for the competitive market system, our economic freedom will be transformed to a "freedom from necessity" (general welfare), and inevitably lead to the disastrous "unforeseen consequences of socialism. (Hayek's "The Road To Serfdom", The Great Utopia). The Republicans caved on tax increases, and there are Obamacare taxes coming down the pike, so I would favor making GE & GM, ect. pay taxes by closing loopholes, but rates must be lowered.

President Obama may be backing away from his doomsday spending-cut predictions as the sequester goes into place. But the new party line is that while there will be no impact in the first few days, there’ll be a slow, downward slump after that.
What, are we to believe that lower spending and smaller government damage the economy? Doesn’t that run counter to virtually every reasonably objective study in recent years -- including ones from a number of U.S. academics and the OECD in Europe -- that describe how countries with lower government...