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Ted Cruz Not Interested in Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants

brooney Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 11:42 AM
Illegal immigration and crime are linked . The Congress should protect the interests of Americans, not illegals . If you against any kind of Amnesty, go to this website and register. Google this: NUMBERSUSA . Once you are registered, go to the "action board"

Texas Senator Ted Cruz isn't interested in any type of path to citizenship for illegal immigrants when it comes to illegal immigration reform and the "Gang of Eight" reform bill. From Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday:

SEAN HANNITY: Now, where do you stand on this immigration bill? Marco Rubio -- apparently, Chuck Schumer was saying this weekend that the bill of the Gang of Eight is going to move forward and Marco said not so fast it's got to go through regular order and Rand Paul has an amendment that I'd like to see included in that...