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Progressive Teacher Pustule: Pay Your School Taxes and Shut Up

BronxTeacher Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 4:01 PM
Do YOU have proof of this statement you made? Please show clear, concise empirical evidence to support your statement.
BronxTeacher Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 8:45 PM
So you just have anecdotal evidence on Head Start in YOUR neck of the woods, in your city, in the neighborhood in which you teach? Is it possible that the Head Start program you have knowledge of doesn't have properly trained staff, etc... Perhaps the parents in that Head Start program did not reinforce what was learned?

Anyway, I have never heard of any issue like this with Head Start. It is so easy to tell the kids in my school that have been through Head Start and those that haven't.
Rochesternative Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 6:26 AM
On the other hand, children who attended a "regular" pre-k program offered through the district came with a wide variety of skills...some as woeful as the Head Start and others knowing all letters, shapes , colors etc. The children (to my surprise) that were the most academically prepared were those from the Montisorri program. They knew ALL letters, numbers to 20+, 1:1 correspondance, wrote their names in CURSIVE and were doing basic addition. All before kindergarten. Additionally, there is so much focus on social-emotional development that academics get lost in the "feel-good" world of pre-k. Not saying S&E is not important, but it shouldn't be the primary/only focus. And let's not even get started on the curriculum finally adopted by...
Rochesternative Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 6:21 AM
I don't have any specific "empirical" evidence, just what I saw in my role as a Pre-K teacher. The "suggestions" through NACEYE about "developmentally appropriate practice" may be just fine for your average suburban child but seriously delay the urban child who is needing more direct instruction in academic areas. I taught 6 years of Pre-K. In the summer I ran a program that was supposed to show how year-round pre-k would improve the child's chances in kindergarten. What I found was that children who had attended Head Start programs couldn't do ANYTHING...not even paint at an easel using a seperate brush for each color. Most of them knew less than 5 letters, many could not identify their names...after a WHOLE YEAR of programming. and I continuously poke the belly of the education beast to see what kinds of pustules pop, and it never ceases to amaze us the types of low-lifes involved in our education system.

There are many great teachers – we work with a lot of them every day. But there are also a lot of people who don’t deserve the honor of teaching our children.

Whether it’s union-defended “pervy” teachers getting a slap on the wrist for very serious offenses, teachers doctoring student test scores for their own gain, or teachers union officials involved...