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So you just have anecdotal evidence on Head Start in YOUR neck of the woods, in your city, in the neighborhood in which you teach? Is it possible that the Head Start program you have knowledge of doesn't have properly trained staff, etc... Perhaps the parents in that Head Start program did not reinforce what was learned? Anyway, I have never heard of any issue like this with Head Start. It is so easy to tell the kids in my school that have been through Head Start and those that haven't.
Do YOU have proof of this statement you made? Please show clear, concise empirical evidence to support your statement.
Can you show your proof that we do worse than 3rd world countries. I;ll wait while you spend the evening Googling the info.
Anti-Christ? So, what about the Jews in the public schools who do not belief in Christ? Are the schools going downhill b/c of that?
So this is what a teacher is to do, tell a child whether or not homosexuality is wrong? Isn't that the purview of the parents?
A teacher in The News article was accused of having a student sit on his lap. It was stupid and wrong. However, several years earlier Chancellor Joel Klein was photographed with a little girl sitting on his lap. Why wasn't Klein brought up on charges? Does anyone here complain about a criminal defendant being represented by a public defender? No! So why the animus at teachers being allowed to defend themselves?
Kyle certainly dabbles in "truthiness" linking and complaining about the "pervy" teachers that the NY Daily News exposed at the bequest of Uncle Mike Bloomberg and his Sock Puppet Dennis Walcott. Kyle derides, as I am sure most here do, the union defending these teachers. But, is this country not predicated on presumed innocent until proven guilty? Yes, that any teacher , or anyone who works with children must be terminated and tried in criminal court. But The Daily News misrepresented many of the cases it exposed, and an INDEPENDENT arbitrator found that the charges brought by the NYC DOE were either fraudulent or not worthy of being fired.
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