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The Huffington Post: The Left's Cocaine

bronxer Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 2:59 PM
Since you would not publish my comment about ms huffington,I will repeat what is the truth,she married and then divorced Huffinton,a very wealthy but somewhat dumb,trust fund individual who fell for her foreign charm and was totally taken in...she then divorced him with a huge settlement.....therefore allowing her to fund huffo post and her love of all things liberal including obama...

Its revolting attacks on conservatives notwithstanding, The Huffington Post has achieved a level of mainstream acceptance that even a propaganda shop would envy.


From Townhall Magazine's August feature, "The Huffington Post: The Left's Cocaine," by Dan Gainor:

If Joe Stalin and Joseph Goebbels had a love child, it might be called The Huffington Post.

The level of mainstream acceptance The Huffington Post has achieved to deliver its leftist message is virtually unmatched and something that...