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VIDEO: "Is America Still Exceptional?"

bronxer Wrote: Jul 13, 2013 4:37 PM
not so long as America is full of illiterates and the low educated...those who come to attend our universities and attain higher degrees then return to their countries of origin while America wallows in the hip hop long Obama is president we will continue to fall into the abyss of mediocrity....
chris hayes is a talentless weenie with NO appeal to either men or woman..he belongs on that mess.nbc with the rest of the weirdos.
chris hayes is a talentless weenie with so appeal to men or woman....he belongs on that mess,nbc with the rest of the weirdos
Here is my proof,obama got in with majority of Americans disliking him after his first the only way was with lies and fraud....and the far right didn't help by staying "home"and not voting....
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And Now, A Word From Marco Rubio

bronxer Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 4:35 PM
I am thoughly disgusted with the far right for going after Rubio and losing us the election of Romney...your rigidity will allow the leftists to continue to win elections...we must moderate,ever so slightly to enhance the rolls of Republicans...Learn from our mistakes,make sure whomever is our next candidate for President is completely backed even if you do not agree with everything...Its up to you if we are to become obsolete...
Maybe this "lovely"lady should get together with moochele bama for discussions about healthy food....don't you just love these racists witches pointing their fat fingers at whites and of course the "rich"
Well said!
Idiot thy name is ally sharpy
Townhall,why give shartpton any ink,the man is a racist lying putz
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