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New Poll: Obama Underwater on Job Approval, Nearly Every Issue

Broadus Wrote: Jun 26, 2013 11:13 AM
you're right... only problem is they will not get off their collective butts to do anything about it.... it's simply to inconvenient for them....

The last few weeks haven't been kind to the Obama administration, as compounding scandals continue to batter the president's brand.  Public disapproval now outpaces approval on his job performance and his handling of almost every issue.  I'll let the numbers speak for themselves:

Obama job approval: 43 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove.

Obama job approval (independents): 31 percent approve, 61 percent disapprove.

Obama personal favorability: 47 percent favorable, 51 percent unfavorable.

Obama approval on various issues:

Economy: 38 percent approve, 58 percent disapprove (-20).
Immigration: 39 percent...