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It is Now Easier to Apply for a Green-Card Than Obamacare

Broadus Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 11:49 PM
that's the plan.... Forget the Alamo......
sedlen Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 12:18 AM
C'mon Rubio,

Drop the Amnesty-garbage,

Get away from,

The despised-hated-reviled "Fake-Phoney-Fraud" Fake-Cons, RINO-Neo-Cons,

Such as GB-2, McAmnesty, McGrahamnesty, Jeb Bush, Rove, RINO-Chris-Christie, USSC-Judge-Traitor-Roberts, and other "Fake-Cons-Actors !"

Romney's not as bad as they all are, but he did intentially throw the Nov-2012-election-race to the highly-unworthy-lowly-Leftists-Libs-Dems,

Obama-Reid-Schumer-Pelosi-Axelrod-Jarrett-DWS-Durbin-Leahey-Harkin-Boxer-Murray !

So far Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Louis Gomert, many others, are not one of their lowly anti-US-American kind.

Cruz is a decent Cons, but he was wrong about Hagel, as so many R's were, only Rand Paul and a few other pro-USC R's got that one right !

So you thought filing your taxes was a long, and laborious task…wait til you hear about Obamacare. It is currently quicker and easier to apply for a green-card than it is to apply for Obamacare- you know, that program that was supposed to help everyone, save them from the pains of getting health insurance. Well right now the draft of the paper application for Obamacare is 15 to 21 pages long, depending on whether you are applying for yourself or your family. Not only is the actual application long, but the instructions on how to fill out the...