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I didnt beg anybody! hahaha I simply suggested if anybody from the Chicago area wanted to meet up for a coffee or something, and talk politics, I'd be interested....if they were male. Thats not trolling for a date or begging anybody..... I can;t swing a cat without hitting a man jumping at the chance to take me out.
Who do you delusional hard rightists love more? The tra-nny or or the anchor baby?
Even if this were true, we should appalud the fed govt for taking a proactive role in trying to limit the use and export of deadly weapons all for cheap profit. Better than doing nothing. The question we sjould be asking is WHY are so many guns being manufactured and sold in this country???
Legalize drugs, the Mexican cartel dries up and dies. Marijuana and meth can be grown/manufactured anywhere. All of the money sunk into fighting the war on drugs could be spent on other things like healthcare an education. California's economy could be bolstered by becoming the world's top exporter of marijuana crops.
Good. It's about the time these extremists faced some fire.
You WILL be disarmed. That's a promise. Electing Romney won't change a thing either. Like sebding a guard dog poodle out to stop an advancing tank division.
I've got to get to work. To sum up; YOU ARE LOSING. Its only a matter of time. Tick tock....
For writing garbage like that Amy, I lose the last ounce oif symapthy I had for I stand above you with my boot on your neck.
Well Bill I've never been married....I could leave anytime I wanted. And did.
I am just giving my of hundreds. The fact is, I love poking these old dinosaurs because they SHOULD realize the end is coming swiftly for them. For the America they imagine. This is a WAR and these people must be STOPPED. The sooner you see that, the clearer it will be.
I respect social justice more than the words of old rich white men from the 18th century
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