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Strictest gun control would be confiscation. Which we do not have.
Got to get down to the United Center and meet up with my friend DeAndre. To the Townhall mods, I am not Allison and have done nothing to be banned. Please respect freedom of speech. Peace out
more than the one death of wannabe hero and inept martyr for the conservative right, Brian terry
The 2nd part of the problem is unemployment. When there are few or no jobs, it's easy for yoing men to turn to crime. We have the 1% millionaires and billionaires who figured out the SECRET to getting rich quickly - have their products manufactured in China and elsewhere where labor costs are cheap. They can produce an ipod for 10 bucks and sell it for 300. With profit margins like those, say good bye to US manufacturing jobs returning. THIS has to be STOPPED through tough trade tariffs and penalties. The only advantage we have left is our large consumer market. I have nothing but disgust and contempt for the rich scumbags like Romney who have gleefully shipped American jobs overseas. The death of the American dream matters FAR FAR...
I didnt say all white people were ugly or untalented, but the ones who have won American Idol are.
Weed is less harmful to people than alcohol.
It's not communism, it's progressivism. And yes, it is too late, far too late, for your ilk......
It was just a half-joking aside...nothing serious. I would never date a hardcore conserv racist or gun-freak...not even if you paid me. But there are a FEW reasonable people who post here and maybe they'd like to meet me in person.
I thought you people believed in the free market and competition.
I didnt beg anybody! hahaha I simply suggested if anybody from the Chicago area wanted to meet up for a coffee or something, and talk politics, I'd be interested....if they were male. Thats not trolling for a date or begging anybody..... I can;t swing a cat without hitting a man jumping at the chance to take me out.
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