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There have been over 3,200 deaths from guns since Newtown. Who is it again that is being saved by having guns so available?
Also, the government did not pass laws that took away his (and his wife's) lives. They were doing just exactly what conservatives recommend.
Stupid comment, even for you. You just proved that having agun in your own home, even when you life is in danger, is a waste of time and means nothing. Thanks for that.
LOLOL! USM wouldn't recognize a fact if it landed in his bourbon.
Too bad he didn't have at least 12 more guns.
All of the Christian love I see on Clown Hall is just overwhelming. Next sunday you can pray to cheeses that all of us liberals, and all homosexual Americans get cancer and die. Then what will you do all day every day?
There you go again, Robin. Cons posting here are so glad that God has appointed you to decided what is true and what isn't. Say hello to all your friends in the bubble.
Gosh, Robin, where was that Giant last November? Didn't his alarm go off?
Well, Robin, since you have appointed yourself the uber arbiter of what is true and what isn't, I would think that you must find this really disrespectful.
He's not only saying it, he's of the opinion that our rights should only be available to Christians.
However, since you insist on taking the usual con position of accusing all those who disagree as homosexuals, let me take mine and accuse you of being basically angry about all those years locked in the closet.
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