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On Immigration, it's GOP v. GOP

BrianR.3 Wrote: 46 mins ago (10:52 AM)
This column is completely off-target. The real "debate" isn't about immigration -- particularly legal immigration. It's about amnesty for the illegal aliens that are already here. Jeb Bush and Rubio want to grant them de facto amnesty, plain and simple. So does the Chamber of Commerce, and other "big business" entities looking to flood the marketplace with cheap labor.
Yeah, this is the same cr@p we vets faced when we got back from Vietnam. We were personally demonized for our participation in a war we were sent to fight.
WHAT "conservative beliefs"? Common Core? Amnesty for illegal aliens? Well, excuse me while I barf. Towery once again reaffirms his credentials as a standard-issue Establishment GOP hack.
Which is why our system is a republic, NOT a direct democracy.
How come "@$$hat" isn't on the list?
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Here We Go: Ted Cruz Revs 2016 Engine

BrianR.3 Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 4:47 PM
Exactly right. And, as with Reagan, the Establishment GOP hacks hate him.
First Hairball Reid, now Teary McAuliffe. What is it with the clutzy Dem/socialists? Not that I'm complaining, mind you...
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The Problem with Romney Nostalgia

BrianR.3 Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 1:43 AM
This column is so accurate I'm actually blown away. Why does the GOP -- which I call the PSP (for "Perpetually Stupid Party") -- keep wanting to rehash the same tired old candidates that have already lost, and usually for good reason? Are they completely super-glued on stupid? Don't they have any better options than a bunch of neo-cons and RINOs? Where's the actual awareness of the historical record, in which the last times they won BIG were when REAL conservatives won landslides? I'm talking about Reagan himself, and fake-"Reagan 2" Bush the Senior when he ran as the "Reagan Replacement" (even though he turned out to be a big-nosed lying idiot who rightfully lost re-election). When REAL conservatives -- meaning Reagan and NOT Bush 1 -- run on REAL principles, with the gumption to not only talk the talk but walk the walk, they win by landslides. Santayana: Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.
"In December, Jeb Bush told the Wall Street Journal's Gerald Seib that a Republican candidate needs to be "much more willing to, 'lose the primary to win the general' without violating your principles" -- adding that no one has done that lately and that it's not easy." Oh, brother. Just goes to show how stupid Bush is. How do you "win the general" if you've already LOST the primaries? If you've lost the primary, you're OUT of the general election! Maybe THAT'S why "it's not easy", ya think? These Establishment GOP hacks with their trite and brain-dead slogans are why the GOP keeps losing the presidential elections.
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