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Terrific column. Every time the Establishment GOP hacks promote these "moderate" candidates, all they do is prove that they're super-glued on stupid. Now they're talking about yet another BUSH? Someone else they can throw in the pipe and back until they see once again that these "moderates" are no longer electable? The Bushes have already had two bites at the apple, and turned out to be pretty lousy Presidents both times. Do the Establishment boneheads expect people to forget that? Speaking as a conservative independent, there's no way I'll ever vote for another one, regardless of who the Dem/socialists run. If this country's going to be drives off the cliff, let's just get it done at full speed. I can't see a dime's worth of difference between Bush and Clinton, frankly. He'll just head for the cliff a little slower. Screw that.
Oh, great. Yet another "moderate" pro-amnesty Bush. If the GOP actually nominates this clod, they'll have earned another butt-kicking at the ballot box in November 2016.
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The Conservative Case Against Torture

BrianR.3 Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 12:22 AM
A silly column by a naïve kid. Our constitutional rights don't extend to foreign enemy combatants. Period. The idea that enemy combatants are "protected" by the Constitution is patently absurd. We can freely kill them. We can't "torture" them?
Colbert "shreds" Obozo? Where? It sure wasn't in THIS video. All he did was act as his straight man, feeding him the lead-in line so he could preach to that choir full of lefties.
RedMacaw, that was an observation on the state of the law, and the flaw in Pavlich's article. I'm perfectly aware I can move. You have a firm grasp of the obvious. Traitorbill, there's a case that's going through the federal courts right now addressing the issue: Peruta v. San Diego. So far, we're winning.
"We've seen the results of this survey in action over the past few years through the implementation of concealed carry in all 50 states ..." I guess you don't get out here to Commiefornia very much. Though technically it's possible to get a CCW out here -- and has been for decades -- this is definitely NOT a "shall issue" state. The reality is that in most venues you have a better chance of winning the state lottery than getting your paws on a CCW.
Another take on the exact same issue: http://theviewfromtheisland.wordpress.com/ The first few essays deal with these issues.
To paraphrase Schumer: "F*** the Constitution!".
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Obama's Immigration Order Dispels Fear

BrianR.3 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 11:10 AM
What the hell is this moron's column doing on this supposedly "conservative" website? Every week he sounds like a troll from HuffPo, this repugnant column being a perfect example.
What the GOP should do about it: http://theviewfromtheisland.wordpress.com/
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