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To paraphrase Schumer: "F*** the Constitution!".
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Obama's Immigration Order Dispels Fear

BrianR.3 Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 11:10 AM
What the hell is this moron's column doing on this supposedly "conservative" website? Every week he sounds like a troll from HuffPo, this repugnant column being a perfect example.
What the GOP should do about it: http://theviewfromtheisland.wordpress.com/
What the GOPers should do about this: http://theviewfromtheisland.wordpress.com/
Run, Bobby, run! I'll vote for you!
This is the second week in a row we've had the same moronic drivel from this idiotic kid. What the hell is his lunacy doing on this supposedly "conservative" web site? Hey, punk! Yeah, Reagan signed amnesty into law in 1986, and later publically regretted it as one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency. Get a clue! Do some research! Go back to HuffPo! Reagan, a Republican, signed into law amnesty for about 3 million illegal aliens, mostly Hispanic. The result? Hispanics, in gratitude, now vote over 70% for the Dem/socialists. Great plan! Further, bonehead, we had about 3 million illegals at the time, as I said. NOW we have over ELEVEN MILLION (at least) of them. So tell me, chucklehead, where's the upside in this, anywhere?
Who pays any attention to those stupid warning labels anyway? Just more meaningless symbolic bullpuckey from the Nanny-Stater Big Government drones.
Go back to HuffPo, socialist troll.
Yeah, I agree with that. That's a form of the "stupidity" to which I refer. It's willful self-imposed blindness.
Oh, BS, you socialist troll. It's a wealth redistribution law. Even its "architect", Gruber, admits that when he's not aware he's being recorded. ANY wealth redistribution scheme is socialist at its heart, through-and-through. It needs to have a stake shoved through its heart, and its head impaled on a spike.
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