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Nuclear Endgame on the Korean Peninsula?

Brian953 Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 10:32 AM
Clinton would not have given it to them if the even dumber-ocrat, Jimmy Carter, had not taken it upon himself (illegally) to go there and negotiate with the North Koreans, behind Clinton's back, forcing Clinton into a corner,
Last October, while riding on South Korea's KTX express train from Seoul to Cheonan, I glanced at one of the rail car's video monitors just as a chilling yet cyclically familiar news flash lit the screen: "North Korea threatens South Korea with nuclear war."

The KTX onboard video system provides English, Chinese and Japanese translations of news and passenger information updates. Geography and history influence the language choices -- the Korean Peninsula sits between China and Japan, the U.S. is South Korea's closest ally -- but economics is the most pertinent reason. In the 21st century, Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese...