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Kept Conservatives: Prominent Right-Wingers Who Sound Very Liberal

Brian953 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 2:57 PM
Being a conservative has nothing to do with conserving something — that would be a conservationist. The classical definition of a conservative is one who resists change. But the currnet meaning is more like a slate of positions. Thanks a frickin million for helping to reelect Obama. And now you're too stupid to hide that you did so.

We’ve had a wide variety of conservative: the neo-cons, the paleo-cons and most recently the crunchy cons. Have you ever noticed how many of the most prominent conservative voices in America sound more like liberals? I have, and I believe they are in class all their own: they have a special mission and fit a particular profile.

They are what I like to call ‘kept cons.’ They are ‘kept’ by liberals in that kept cons generally work for liberal institutions and seem to fill the role of token conservative; they write conservative columns for national liberal newspapers...

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