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A dismaying number of them are like Noam Chomskey, a Jewish individual who is anto Jew. Liberalism trumps ancestry...
Dkepler, Though it is true that there are many things we do NOT know about, there are also things that we DO know about. If we have A truth, one that is unimpeachably true, then anything that contradicts it is categorically false — and it is niether dangerous nor arrogant to say so. It IS dangerous and arrogant to say that we have truth where we do not, but that does not argue against standing for the truth that we DO have. Books like this always give some a "quiver in the liver" experience of giddy delight that it might be so. It was the same with the thoroughly debunked book by Betty Eide, "Embraced by the Light." What this boy says happened to him is contrary to unimpeachable truth that we have. I cannot say he did not have this experience, for I have no way to know that. But I CAN know that his understanding of the experience — that he went to heaven, that he met Jesus, his grandfather and his sister — is false. I cannot say whether he has been lied to, is lieing, or has simply misunderstood. It was right for the parents not to put ideas into hi head, as you say, and I, too, applaud that. Anyway, fascinating though it might be, it nonetheless is fiction.
THere are two major categories of cretures God has made: Those with bodies, and those without. Angels are an example of those without. Humans sort of bridge that, in that they are a body and a spirit. Spirits do not — indeed, cannot — die. When a human dies, their spirit is separated from their body — for a time (that is sometimes pretty long, as in the case of those who have died many thousands of years ago). What God has told us of this is "It is given unto man once to die, and then the judgment. So those who have died have been judged, and do not come back to visit, haunt advise, etc. However, a portion of the angels chaffed at God being, well ... God. They rebelled, and now actively fight against Him. These spirits go by many names, among them "unclean spirits" and "demons" (not the silly caricatures on Medieval churches). These evil spirits employ a variety of methods, including impersonating the "spirit" of people who have died, and this manifestation that you describe, Igoldhammer. But it is just that: a deception.
Visions don't require death, but died, went to heaven and came back does. Taking God at face value means BELIVING Him when He says, "It is given unto man once to die, and then the judgment." Paul, who DID go to heaven (not as the result of death, and he himeself said he didn't know whether it was a vision or not, he said that he was forbidden to share what he saw. See Revelation Ch 1 to see what Jesus REALLY looks like (by and laarge so majestic, it is virtually impossible to convey). This book is a deception.
The American people really aren't. SOME (like you and me) are, and that indeed IS good. But the vast majority will never hear a word of this.
This sort of thing ALWAYS moves slowly, and deliberatively. That is absolutely necessary, to avoid mistrials.
It has been shown that these late infant assassinations are NEVER indicated to "save the life of the mother," or even to protect the mother from some harm that would stem from not carrying out the contract hit on the baby.
They might not owe us an explanation in the legal sense, true; but to be honorable, these explanations should be forthcoming.
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15 Examples Of "Liberal Privilege"

Brian953 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 2:57 PM
You can be taken seriously as some kind of girl–power, women's–rights icon even though your entire career is built on being married to a serial adulterer and RAPIST (cf. Juanita Brodderick) who became President.
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