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A Weak Foreign Policy Narrative

Brian795 Wrote: Sep 16, 2012 10:12 PM
The people may not of held it against Pres. Reagan for how he reacted to the Soviets and the Lebanon Barracks bombing, but the media did. The msm are not criticizing Pres. Obama's foreign policy decisions at the same level they criticized Republican Presidents. Both Reagan and Obama have made mistakes, it would nice to see a msm give somewhat equal levels of criticism. Dreaming.
On Aug. 31, 1983, a South Korean airliner flying from New York to Seoul drifted off course and entered Soviet airspace. After tracking the civilian plane for more than two hours, Soviet fighter pilots were told to shoot it down. They did, killing 269 people, including 60 Americans. It was one of the most shocking atrocities of the Cold War.

It occurred during the first term of perhaps the most staunchly anti-Communist president America has ever had, Ronald Reagan, an advocate of robust military power. And how did Reagan respond? He called it a "crime against humanity," and then, um, postponed...