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The good it does is remind the electorate (plebes in politi-speak) how screwed we are as a country, and who's responsible for flooring the accelerator and steering toward the cliff.
You named your child T-Bone? :)
Is there any low to which this president and his cronies will not stoop? Nice picture of the Last Supper, but there is one glaring error - The One should be a little more to the right (at least in his own eyes) - front and center is where Obamessiah should always be pictured!
Does anybody else's ears bleed whenever they hear this yahoo talk? I swear I'll go crazy if he gets re-elected and I have to listen to this pompous ar$e spout this bovine excrement for four more years.
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Mormon Doctrine Leads to Socialism?

Brian71 Wrote: May 09, 2012 12:02 PM
But the bigger question is "Would you trust Barack with your dog?"
Paul237, I believe Illbay was being sarcastic with that comment. If you read the article she linked to, you'll understand that.
Illbay, I didn't see your link until I posted mine right above. Great minds, huh? :)
Nice article about Mia Love, running for Utah's new 4th congressional district: Her getting elected would really throw a wrench in the libs' "War on women," "War on blacks" empty rhetoric. The simple fact that she got the nomination should squelch it, but I know we're going to see some "Well, she's not really black," or "She's not really a woman!" BS.
Guess that puts us in pretty good company, as the first-generation Christians also believed in continuing revelation - you know, to Peter, James, John the Revelator, Paul etc.
Show me in the Bible the concept of sola scriptura and a closed canon.
OK, you know so much about Mormons' beliefs, please tell us what their central beliefs are. Ready... Set... Go! And why do the scriptures need anything to sum them up? Are they insufficient?
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