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I live in Cantor's district and we were getting 1 or 2 robocalls per day. I so much wanted to talk to a live person so I could tell them why I was not voting for Cantor. I think he got the message last night.
waaaah! Obama can't get his way and fundamentally transform the USA into a socialist state. waaaah! Hey Panetta, get a diaper change - you are stinking up the place.
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Harry Reid's History of Ugly Remarks

Brian'61 Wrote: Oct 03, 2013 6:04 PM
Dirty Harry. He has made millions while "serving" in federal and state government. Look at his annual financial disclosures and just try to stop cussing at your computer screen. Just another corrupt pol with a mean streak to boot.
Actually, she is correct in a roundabout way. Rich, white, liberal do-gooders like FDR, Johnson and many others put into place the welfare and dependency programs that have destroyed the black family unit. Study after study show that children raised in single parent, government dependent homes are less likely to become educated, and more likely to end up incarcerated, as compared to children raised in a traditional, intact home. Of course, this angry black woman has no clue about these sad truths.
Obama's middle name is "petty." He is petty, narcissistic, vain and a divider of Americans. He is the great non-leader. He and his wife spend millions of our tax dollars to live in splendor and luxury while the rest of America has to deal with the terrible consequences of his failed socialist and regressive policies.
Pretty funny who you accuse the right of disregard for children. The body count of dead children under the left's sacred right to infanticide (aka abortion) is over 50 MILLION.
UpwithR: There is absolutely nothing wrong with voting with your wallet.
So food banks never need any food after a disaster? Cash donations were also accepted.
Obama talks about it; Romney gets it done. Perfect synopsis of the two men. And for even more irony, MSNBC criticized Romney for organizing a private event that helps people in need.
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MSNBC's Motto: Lean Racist

Brian'61 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 8:41 PM
Careful, nycdolt, there is racism under every rock and behind every tree in Central Park.
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