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Reagan: Tear Down This Wall

Brian59 Wrote: Jun 12, 2012 5:47 PM
Now Robert, I'm sure that even if your statement is true, you must have forced yourself to ask, "Why". Why was the USSR 'crumbling from within'? Could it be that Communism forces man to deny his human nature, his need for God and the desire to better himself and those around him? Could it be the Communism can only be enacted when citizens are purged, put away and kept in check by violence and cruel coersion? Reagan realized how thin the veneer was of Russia's strength. It was crumbling and had been so since he was a young man. His life was dedicated to fighting Communism; and it worked.

Twenty-five years after President Ronald Reagan delivered his Brandenburg Gate speech, debate persists over the meaning and true impact of his words that day. Conservatives, including former Secretary of State James Baker, described the June 17, 1987 speech at the Brandenburg Gate as a “historic challenge.” Its historical resonance has escaped Reagan’s detractors then and now.

So long as the Berlin Wall stood, Gorbachev’s molasses drip paced reforms meant nothing. President Reagan, heard on both sides of the wall, challenged Gorbachev to prove his commitment to freedom. This echoed a daring chant made by East Berliners during a rock concert some...